A fruitarian is a person who eats fruit and only fruit for a variety of reasons.

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30 Bananas a Day
A forum providing support and friendship for people on fruitarian, high fruit, and 80/10/10 diets. Includes recipes, photographs, links to related sites and links for personal guidance.
Fruit Living
Website showing the physiological, health, and environmental benefits of eating a fruit diet; the site includes videos, personal testimonies, photos, articles, and educational resources.
Fruit Lovers of the World Unite
A collection of articles and personal experiences on the Fruitarian Diet. Includes examples of the health and emotional benefits of a fruit diet.
The Fruit Pages
Offers information about fruit, including history, storage, uses, varieties, and nutritional values.
The Fruitarian
A website about the benefits of a fruit diet, including videos and information specifically for fruitarian athletes.
Fruitarian Vibes
With information, a newsletter and articles from various magazines.
How to become a Fruitarian: The Original Fruitarian Guidebook
Website that explains the reasons for adopting a fruit diet and the associated benefits. Includes menu and recipe suggestions, shopping tips, and personal experiences.
Mango the Raw Vegan Fruitarian
The site of a long-term fruitarian, offering interviews with fruitarians, information on the fruitarian diet and lifestyle.
Wikipedia: Fruitarianism
This site offers a definition of fruitarianism, it also includes information on past and present advocates of the diet. In addition, the site contains concerns over the nutritional suitability of a fruit diet.
The Woodstock Fruit Festival
A yearly international fruit festival, based in New York, for fruitarians and people whose diet is primarily fruit. Website includes videos, blogs, and a forum.
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