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Adam Michael Sacks
Criminal defense lawyer with offices in Van Nuys.
Alan Ellis
Criminal defense attorney, based in San Rafael, with offices in New York City and Shanghai, China.
Alison L. Bermant
Truckee criminal defense attorney.
Anthony Lowenstein
San Rafael criminal defense attorney.
Antonio Jose Bestard
Pomona criminal defense firm.
Arguedas, Cassman & Headley
Berkeley criminal defense firm.
Benjamin Rice
Santa Cruz criminal defense firm.
Berg & Associates
Redding and Chico criminal defense firm.
Blumenthal Law Offices
Riverside criminal defense firm.
C. Bradley Patton
Carlsbad and San Diego firm, offering criminal defense services in state and federal court, for juveniles and adults.
Cahners & Samuels
Palo Alto and San Jose criminal defense firm with an emphasis on drunk driving defense.
Campbell & Jayne, LLP
Services for state and federal criminal defense from offices in San Francisco and Oakland.
Carol Ann Moses
Fresno criminal attorney also handling personal injury cases.
Cron, Israels and Stark
Santa Monica firm, offering services for criminal defense, juvenile law, drunk driving, and personal injury.
Dan Bacal
El Cajon firm, representing clients for criminal defense and personal injury matters.
Daniel Horowitz
Trial lawyer focused on criminal defense, celebrity privacy and first amendment issues.
Darren Kavinoky
Criminal defense attorney with offices in Calabasas and Beverly Hills. Emphasising DUI defense.
David Lehr
Ventura attorney offering services for criminal and drunk driving defense.
David Wool
San Francisco Bay area (Santa Clara) criminal defense attorney.
Dennis Alan Lempert
Santa Clara criminal defense firm.
Douglas Pharr
Criminal defense attorney based in Napa.
Earl Carter & Associates
Riverside criminal defense firm.
Elena Condes
Criminal defense attorney in the San Francisco Bay area (Berkeley).
Gary Wenkle Smith
San Bernardino attorney offering representation for felony criminal defense, and civil rights cases.
George I. Kita
Cerritos defense attorney representing juveniles in criminal proceedings.
Gurovich, Berk & Associates
Firm presents practice overview and profiles. Offices in Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, and Pasadena.
Hoffman & Associates
Los Angeles and San Diego DUI and criminal defense attorney.
James E. Blatt
Encino and Hollywood offices. Includes an archive of press-worthy and precedent setting cases.
James H. Newhouse
Monterey criminal defense attorney.
Jere N. Sullivan, Jr.
San Luis Obispo criminal defense attorney.
Jerome P. Mullins
San Jose attorney, representing clients charged with crimes in state, federal, and military courts.
John M. Kucera
Law firm, based in Redding, handling criminal defense cases.
Kann California Defense Group
Criminal law attorney presents practice areas, profile and DUI information. Los Angeles metro area.
Kenneth Schreiber
Irvine criminal defense attorney.
Law Offices of William C. Makler, P. C.
Santa Barbara criminal defense firm.
Louis Goodman
Hayward lawyer offering services for criminal and drunk driving defense.
Mark Borden
Sonora criminal defense attorney.
Mark S. Mayfield
Sacramento criminal attorney with emphasis in juvenile representation.
Mary E. Conn and Associates
Santa Cruz criminal lawyer handling adult and juvenile cases.
Mary Frances Prevost
Criminal defense attorney with offices in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and San Diego.
Mary-Margaret Bierbaum
Certified Specialist in criminal defense, with offices in Santa Cruz.
Matthew B. Pavone, Esq.
Novato attorney specializing in defense of police misconduct allegations and white collar crime.
McGregor & Ernenwein
Torrance criminal defense firm.
Moore, Sorensen & Horner
Beverly hills criminal defense firm.
My Criminal Defense
Former prosecutors and trial attorneys offering criminal defense.
Nicolaie Cocis and Associates
Murrieta criminal defense attorney.
Nolan Barton Bradford & Olmos
Palo Alto criminal defense firm.
Okabe and Haushalter
Criminal defense attorneys also handle juvenile crime, Internet/child pornography, DUI defense, domestic violence and federal crimes. Includes descriptions. Offices in Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, San Francisco and Beverly Hills.
Peter Goldscheider
Palo Alto criminal defense attorney handling all criminal matters in both state and federal court.
Peter M. Liss
Vista criminal defense attorney.
Philip S. Barnett
San Mateo criminal defense attorney.
Randolph & Associates
Santa Monica criminal defense firm.
Robert Boyd
Ukiah criminal defense attorney.
Robert Byers
San Francisco area (Oakland) criminal defense firm.
Robert F. Landheer
Santa Barbara criminal defense firm, serving clients in both state and federal court.
Robert M. Bernstein
Beverly Hills and Los Angeles firm, offering defense services for major felony and misdemeanor criminal cases in state, federal and juvenile court.
Robert Miller and Associates
Firm emphasizes DUI cases. Includes profiles, practice areas and case results. Offices in Newport Beach, Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga and Riverside.
Robles & Tantraphol, PLC
Criminal defense firm with offices in Los Angeles and Los Altos.
Roger B. Lytel
Santa Barbara attorney, practicing with an emphasis on criminal defense, DUI, misdemeanors and felonies.
Ronald G. Brower
Santa Ana criminal defense attorney.
Ronald Hedding
Firm presents profiles, results and videos. Offices in Encino and Los Angeles [Downtown].
Salvatore Sciandra
Fresno criminal defense attorney. Also handles personal injury cases.
Sanger & Swysen
Santa Barbara and Santa Maria firm, offering services for criminal defense and civil litigation.
Seth Chazin
San Francisco and Berkeley criminal defense attorney.
Sherman M Ellison
Sherman Oaks. Trial attorney who exclusively practices traffic ticket and criminal defense.
Thomas F. McKenna
Walnut Creek criminal defense attorney.
Thomas F. Mueller
San Jose criminal defense lawyer.
Virginia L. Landry
Irvine criminal defense attorney.
Wallin & Klarich
Law firm, offering representation for matters including criminal defense, civil litigation, family law, labor law, military court proceedings, personal injury, and drunk driving cases. Several offices in California.
William S. Kroger, Jr.
Free initial consultation for California criminal cases. Toll free number provided.
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