This category is for pertaining to historic nuclear testing, current efforts toward testing treaty ratification, non-governmental organizations and citizens groups concerned with nuclear testing, and downwind testing organizations.

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Atomic Veteran Web Site
Observations and personal experiences of early atmospheric atomic bomb testing at the Nevada and Pacific test sites.
Comprehensive History of US Atomic Bomb Testing
Federation of American Scientist's site containing details of surface and subsurface atomic tests conducted in the United States and their impact on human health. Includes maps of test sites and links to detailed summaries of individual nuclear tests.
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization
Provides information on the status of the Treaty, the progress of its global monitoring system, the history of nuclear testing, and current news coverage.
Department of Energy - Historical Nuclear Weapons Test Films
Recently declassified footage of nuclear tests. Tapes are available for order. Clips and descriptions are available to view at the site.
Health in French Polynesia: The Effects of French Nuclear Testing
A discussion of the health effects of French nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean area on the peoples living in French Polynesia.
International Court of Justice: New Zealand v. France
Judgment delivered 20 December 1974 regarding nuclear tests conducted by France in the South Pacific.
Japan's Response to Tests
Response of the Government of Japan to the Nuclear Tests Conducted by India and Pakistan. Reports on meetings, statements issued and other materials.
Nevada Desert Experience
Work in the area of the Nevada Test Site to end nuclear weapons testing and cancel all "hypocritical" subcritical experimental explosions.
Seismic Data of Nuclear Tests
Maps, tables and waveform analysis of seismological information gathered by the Borovoye Geophysical Observatory from 1966 through 1996 available for download.
Nuclear test video clips and information for United States, Soviet, United Kingdom, French and Chinese tests.
Table of Known Nuclear Tests Worldwide
Includes tests performed by the United States, the Soviet Union, China, France and the United Kingdom from 1945-1996 by year and country.

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