This category is for sites on the conference on the future of Afghanistan, which took place in Königswinter near Bonn, Germany, from November 27 - December 5, 2001.

The main results:

The establishment of an Interim Administration led by Chairman Hamid Karzai.

The convention a Emergency Loya Jirga in June 2002.

The establishment of the International Security Assistance Force.

Afghan Factions Edge Closer to Deal
The two main factions at talks in Bonn on the future of Afghanistan have agreed on the basic shape of an interim council to run the country, reports the BBC.
Afghan Factions Open Key Talks
Rival Afghan groups meet for UN-mediated talks in Germany on the future of their country - as war continues to rage at home. BBC News.
Afghan Factions Sign Landmark Deal
Delegates in Bonn sign a historic agreement setting up a new government to be led by Hamid Karzai, a Pashtun ally of the ex-king. BBC News.
At-a-Glance Guide to Afghan Deal
BBC News outlines the two phases of the Bonn agreement to set up an interim Afghanistan government and details the key posts.
Breakthrough at Afghan Talks
Afghan factions meeting in Bonn finally agree to a UN plan for rebuilding the country's political system in the wake of the Taleban regime. BBC News.
Key Groups to Attend Afghan Talks
BBC's Pam O'Toole discusses the likely participants in a conference in Bonn to shape an interim government for Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban.
Pressure Builds for Afghan Settlement
Talks between Afghan factions in Bonn focus on agreeing a small executive to run the country, as international pressure mounts for a deal, says BBC News.
Serene Setting for Hard Afghan Talking
The calm German city of Bonn is due to see some tough talking when the UN assembles key Afghan factions there for talks on a new government, reports the BBC.
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