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American Anthrax Outbreak of 2001
Features an analysis of intentionally-spread anthrax in the United States. Includes chronology of the event, case studies, and related links.
Anthrax as a Biological Warfare Agent
Information on bacillus anthracis, the use on anthrax in terrorist attacks, prevention and symptoms.
Anthrax Info
Common sense information about anthrax. Includes a summary of public health recommendations and glossary, with links to quality information and lesson plans for teachers.
Anthrax News - Topix
Latest news stories.
Bacillus anthracis cell diagram
Computer graphic of a bacillus anthracis cell (anthrax bacterium). Shows cell wall layers and capsule.
Bioterrorism Alleging Use of Anthrax and Interim Guidelines for Management
1998 report on bioterrorism reports and threats and CDC guidelines for handling them.
CDC: Anthrax
General and technical information about anthrax from the Centers for Disease Control. Also includes section with links to other sites and articles.
Center for Biosecurity: Anthrax
Information about the possible casualties if anthrax is used as a weapon.
eMedicine Health - Anthrax
Consumer health resource center providing information on the types of anthrax, symptoms, and treatment options.
eMedicine: Anthrax Infection
Article by Hilarie Cranmer, MD.
Epidemiologic Notes and Reports Human Cutaneous Anthrax
Case study of one incident in North Carolina, 1987.
Gavel2Gavel: Anthrax
Includes a FAQ on the disease, its symptoms, treatment, and possible use as a terrorist weapon, and a diagram of the effects of inhaling anthrax spores.
Medlineplus Medical Encyclopedia: Anthrax
Includes symptoms, cause, treatments, and complications.
MedlinePlus: Anthrax
Directory of articles, fact sheets, and news releases.
Official CDC Bioterrorism Alert: Handling Anthrax Threats
This contains the CDC's 2001-10-12 instructions on handling mail suspected of containing Anthrax, and the USPS' 2001-10-15 information on identifying Anthrax mail.
The Science of Terrorism
The biology of anthrax
WHO: Anthrax
World Health Organization fact sheet on this disease and information about the international organization's efforts to control it.
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