The denial or minimization of the Holocaust. Also known as Holocaust revisionism, the Auschwitz Lie, or negationism.

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Bradley R. Smith/CODOH
Website of the American denier Bradley R. Smith. Information about his publicity campaigns, as well as frequent news updates and articles on the topic of 'Holocaust revisionism'.
Carlos Whitlock Porter
Site of the (former) American Carlos Porter, who is the author of "Made in Russia - The Holocaust", a book that alleges the WWII Allies fabricated the allegations of which they accused Germany.
David Irving's Action Report
Web site of British historian David Irving. Contains latest news about himself, as well as articles reproduced from the world media about topics Irving considers to be relevant. Many of Irving's books are also available as free downloads.
Fred A. Leuchter
Wikipedia article on the author of the "Leuchter Report". Leuchter was a defence witness at Ernst Zundel's Holocaust denial trial in the 1980s.
Historical Revisionism by Vrij Historisch Onderzoek
Web site of German denier Germar Rudolf. Contains thousands of denial texts, including entire books and journals.
Holocaust Denial, Leuchter, and the "Leuchter Report"
Refutation of the 'The Leuchter Report'.
Institute for Historical Review
An independent history research and publishing center and Holocaust denial organization that seeks to promote awareness of the past. Includes articles, books and audio.
Michael A Hoffman II - Radical Truth in History
Web site of the American denier Michael A. Hoffmann II.
Noontide Press
Site of the Institute for Historical Review's publishing arm, including information on purchasing its works.
Revisionist Historians
Biographical information about revisionist historians and politicians.

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