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Sites related to the USA's Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998, which extends the term of copyright restrictions by 20 years. Sometimes called the "Mickey Mouse Copyright Act" by critics, since the Disney Corporation lobbied hard for it. Opponents pointed out that Congress had extended the terms of copyrights eleven times in the preceding fifty years, with the effect that no works created since 1923, such as the earliest Mickey Mouse cartoons, had ever passed into the public domain.
Mouse Trapped
Discusses shifts in the perceived purposes of copyright law from public benefits to author profits. By Mike Godwin. [The American Lawyer]
New Rules for Using Public Domain Materials
How to determine what is in the public domain in the US after the Copyright Term Extension Act. Discusses trademark and right of publicity issues that may burden otherwise "rights-free" materials.
Openlaw: Eldred v. Reno
Open law public forum for collaboration and discussion on the case challenging the Bono Act's 20 year extension of the copyright terms.
Openlaw: Golan v. Ashcroft
Open law public forum for collaboration and discussion on the case challenging the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act and "restoration" of expired copyrights.
Wikipedia: Copyright Term Extension Act
Free encyclopedia entry about the act.
FindLaw: Eldred et al. v. Ashcroft, Attorney General
Text of the decision, with links to other cases cited. (January 15, 2003)
Lawrence Lessig Makes His Debut Before the Supreme Court
News and forum discussion of Lawrence Lessig's arguments to the US Supreme Court in Eldred v. Ashcroft. [kuro5hin] (October 10, 2002)
Eldred v. Ashcroft Oral Arguments
News of arguments in the case against the retroactive 20-year copyright extension and forum discussion. [Slashdot] (October 09, 2002)
Eldred v. Ashcroft: A Primer
Summary of issue and the arguments, and links to legal documents and other resources about the case over the constitutionality of the Copyright Term Extension Act. [Washington Post] (October 09, 2002)
The Mouse That Ate the Public Domain
"Antitrust lawyer Chris Sprigman has written a thoughtful column in Findlaw's Writ on the issues behind the 1998 Copyright Term Extension Act and the legal challenge (Eldred v. Ashcroft) to that law." News and reader discussion. [Slashdot] (March 07, 2002)
The Mouse That Ate The Public Domain
"Disney, The Copyright Term Extension Act, and Eldred v. Ashcroft." By Chris Sprigman. [FindLaw's Writ] (March 05, 2002)
Let the Stories Go
Editorial citing the lawsuit against "The Wind Done Gone" as an example of what's wrong with copyright term extension. By Lawrense Lessig. [New York Times] [Free registration required.] (April 30, 2001)
Why the Public Domain Is Not Just a Mickey Mouse Issue
Comments prepared for the NINCH Copyright Town Meeting on the Public Domain at the Chicago Historical Society by Diane M. Zorich. (January 11, 2000)
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