"bnetd" is a program to run private servers for Blizzard's multiplayer games.

On 19 February 2002, Vivendi Universal Games/Blizzard Entertainment demanded the shutdown of bnetd.org, claiming their software violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by bypassing "anti-circumvention technology".

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Legal Analysis Critical of Blizzard v Bnetd
"Lawmeme.org (from the Yale Law School) has published a long piece with lots of background and legal analysis on the case. Conclusion: Blizzard has an uphill legal battle." News and reader discussion. [Slashdot]
Lumen: Bnetd Project
Bilzzard's DMCA cease and desist letter with FAQ.
Q&A With Vivendi Rep About Bnetd
"War3pub.net managed to get some answers out of a Vivendi rep about why they are suing BnetD and what they hope to accomplish." News and reader discussion. [Slashdot] (April 23, 2002)
EFF Takes Bnetd Case
"Blizzard is attempting to squash the Battle.net emulator and open source bnetd project. The EFF has taken the case." News and reader discussion. [Slashdot] (March 12, 2002)
Group Backs ISP in Online Gaming Dispute
"The Electronic Frontier Foundation announced Tuesday that it will provide legal representation for a St. Louis Internet service provider threatened by media conglomerate Vivendi Universal for hosting online versions of Vivendi games." By David Becker. [CNet] (March 12, 2002)
Blizzard, Bnetd Respond on Bnetd Shutdown
"Following the roar of protests following the shut down of the BnetD-project, Blizzard has posted a Battle.net emulation FAQ, citing their reasons to search out and close any project that allows people to play Blizzard games online without using Battle.net." News and reader discussion. [Slashdot] (February 22, 2002)
Blizzard Rains on Bnetd Project
"Blizzard Entertainment has shut down the bnetd project using the DMCA, as declared in their site." News and reader discussion forum. [Slashdot] (February 21, 2002)
DMCA Used to Shut Down Bnetd Project
"bnetd, a GPLed implementation of the BattleNet protocol server which powered such games as Starcraft and Diablo II, has been shut down due to Blizzard invoking the DMCA." News and reader discussion. (February 20, 2002)
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