On 24 October 2001, Sony threatened legal action against the site aibohack.com for allegedly violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by posting add-ons to Sony's Aibo software on his site.

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Aibo-Life: Open Letter to Sony
Angry letter to Sony and comments.
AiboPet's Reborn Site
Former developer and distributor of software to extend the Aibo's capabilities.
GoPetition: Get aibohack.com Back Online
Petition to Sony to allow Aibopet to continue to produce value adding software for the Sony Aibo, and to allow him to distribute his software freely on www.aibohack.com.
Lumen: No New Tricks for Robot Dog
Analysis of Sony's cease-and-desist letter to aibopet.com/aibohack.com.
Pet Robot Owners Mad at Sony for Challenging Free Software
"Many owners of the world's most sophisticated robot pet, the cuddly Aibo, are growling at Sony Corp. over its demand that a Web site stop distributing free software that teaches the machine new tricks." By Yuri Kageyama. [Associated Press] (November 07, 2001)
Sony Tightens Leash on Its Robotic Dog
"The Sony Corporation, invoking a controversial copyright law, has cracked down on disco dancing by Aibo, the company's robotic dog." By Amy Harmon. [NY Times] [Free registration required.] (November 05, 2001)
Robotics Enthusiast Forced to Pull Aibo-altering Code
"Sony has forced the removal of programs that changed the behaviour of its Aibo robot, such as giving it the power to dance along to music." By Graeme Wearden. [ZDNet UK] (November 01, 2001)
Sony Shoos Away Robot-dog Hackers
"The robotics community is unhappy about the company's efforts to clamp down on customized Aibo behavior." By Graeme Wearden. [CNet] (November 01, 2001)
Aibo Custom Code Pulled from Website
"Complaints from Sony have led to the removal from the web of unauthorised computer programs that teach the Aibo robot dog to perform new tricks. However, the move has upset many Aibo enthusiasts." By Will Knight. [New Scientist] (October 30, 2001)
Sony Uses DMCA To Shut Down Aibo Hack Site
"Victor Matsuda, Vice President of Sony's Entertain Robot America (makers of AIBO), sent a letter to Aibopet.com citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act." News and reader discussion. [Slashdot] (October 28, 2001)
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