The Pro-Tobacco: Promotion category focuses on activities that encourage individuals to use tobacco products, such as advertising, marketing, sponsorship of events, and public information campaigns. It includes "responsible use" sites.

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Chapter from a book on the Brown and Williamson papers documents Brown and Williamson's cigarette advertising in the 1970s and 1980s, with a focus on product placement.
Advertising and Promoting U.S. Cigarettes in Selected Asian Countries
A look at global smoking promotional activities by U.S. tobacco companies; some activities said to be illegal, and some said to target nonsmokers and children. "James Coburn, Pierce Brosnan, and Robert Wagner starred in a series of TV commercials for Philip Morris' Lark brand Cigarettes in Japan."
Annual Report on Cigarette Sales and Advertising for 2001
Cigarette manufacturers spent over $11 billion advertising and promoting cigarettes in 2001, up 17% from the $10 billion they spent in 2000; FTC report breaks out spending.
Athletes in Cigarette Ads
Athletes and sports figures in ads for cigarettes from the 1930's through the 1970's.
Cigarette Advertising
Student project examines the aims and means of cigarette advertising.
Cigarette Advertising
Six cigarette ads of the 1940's and 1950's, addressing concerns about smoking-related irritation to the nose and throat.
Cigarette Advertising on TV
Cigarette manufacturers were one of the first industries to advertise widely on television; article gives examples of shows and ads.
Emerging Tobacco Advertising and Marketing Issues
Poster session from health conference focuses on recent trends in tobacco advertising including point of sale, tobacco-sponsored bars and clubs, and marketing to college age people.
Filter Tips
Newsletter covers cigarette advertising and promotion using billboards, clubs, events, charities, magazines, direct mail, auto racing, and examines use of brands, gimmicks, and money.
Filter Tips
First edition of this e-zine review of tobacco marketing in Canada, published in 1998.
Filter Tips: A Review of Cigarette Marketing in Canada
Magazine format, from Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada. Covers print, billboard, give-away, themed campaigns, and cigarette logos seen on TV sports.
Getting around Advertising Restrictions
Humorous article by a filmmaker documents some new approaches to promoting product.
India: A Doctor Takes on Big Tobacco
"It's a huge market in India and South East Asia. Tobacco companies are also targetting youth between 15-25. Two countries where it will zoom up are India and Indonesia".
The Marlboro Man: The Making of an American Image
Paper on the creation of the world's most popular brand, and its chief marketing gimmick: the Marlboro man.
The Most Heavily Advertised Product in America
From the Tobacco History Timeline, a concise section on cigarette advertising in America in the 1970's.
Patterns of Tobacco Billboard Advertising
Research reveals patterns of tobacco billboard advertising in a metropolitan region.
Smokeless Tobacco Advertising and Promotional Expenditures by Category
FTC report lists the large variety of ways the industry promotes spit tobacco, from billboards to magazine ads, from point of sale ats to free samples, and from promotional offers to endorsements.
Tobacco Ad Gallery
Searchable by country, company, brand, or type of ad.
Tobacco Industry Spends Record Amounts on Advertising and Promotion
FTC report finds that the five largest cigarette manufacturers spent $8.24 billion on advertising and promotion in 1999, 22.3% more than the $6.73 billion they spent in 1998, and the most ever reported.
Search, display, and download over 650 documents from the UK tobacco industry's main advertising agencies ranging from 1994 to 1999; also provides case studies drawn from the documents.
New Study of Tobacco Retail Marketing
Santa Clara University study finds tobacco industry marketing is giving small retailers more money to push tobacco products. (September 30, 1999)
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