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ASHRAE Standard 62: Tobacco Industry's Influence over National Ventilation Standards
Paper describes the history and role of the tobacco industry in the development of ventilation standards for indoor air quality by influencing the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).
Did Big Tobacco Deliberately Withhold Election Expenses in Boulder?
From GASP of Colorado Education Center, summary of evidence that the tobacco industry was funding and organizing opposition to a Boulder smoke free ordinance.
Disinfopedia: Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco
Article on the pro-smoking group FOREST reveals that 96% of its funding comes from the tobacco industry.
How the Tobaccco Industry Responded to an Influential Study of the Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke
Journal article documents how the tobacco industry generated a study and hid its involvement in an attempt to fight the emerging science on secondhand smoke.
National Toxicology Program, Board of Scientific Counselors
National scientific organization concludes unanimously that secondhand smoke is a known human carcinogen; the tobacco industry sends 10 witnesses to argue the other way.
Stanton Glantz: Post-OSHA Hearings Comments
Post-OSHA Hearings Comments, 1996. Extensive analysis of tobacco industry arguments; sections on credibility and causality, publication bias, confounding variables, and misclassification error.
The Tobacco Industry and Ventilation
Short history from GASP of Colorado Education Center.
Tobacco Industry Influence on Air Quality Standards
Paper discusses how and why the tobacco industry influences the setting of standards for indoor air quality.
Tobacco Industry Manipulation of the Hospitality Industry to Maintain Smoking in Public pLaces
Research paper reviews internal industry documents, finds the tobacco industry created a myth of lost profits to fight smokefree public places.
Tobacco Industry Opposition to Local Clean Indoor Air Policies
Report outlines tactics used by the industry to defeat local smokefree air ordinances.
Tobacco Industry Success in Preventing Regulation of Secondhand Smoke in Latin America
Research examines the tobacco industry's strategy to avoid regulations on secondhand smoke exposure in Latin America.
Tobacco, Lawyers, and Public Health
Article in the American Journal of Public Health chronicles the efforts of the tobacco industry to attack the evidence that secondhand smoke causes disease.
Tobacco, Lawyers, and Public Relations Firms
Article in the American Journal of Public Health on Philip Morris's worldwide "sound science" program to set impossible standards of proof for the study of secondhand smoke.
Examines tobacco industry strategy to fight effective clean indoor air measures: ventilation.
Why Review Articles on the Health Effects of Passive Smoking Reach Different Conclusions
Statistical analysis of the research literature on secondhand smoke finds "the only factor associated with concluding that passive smoking is not harmful was whether an author was affiliated with the tobacco industry".
Philip Morris Gave Secret Grants to Swedish Professor
Article about Swedish professor R. Rylander, accused of having secretely worked for the tobacco industry, sheds light on tobacco industry funding of research intended to create doubt about health effects. (June 10, 2002)
R.J. Reynolds chief: Smoking isn't addicting
CEO of tobacco giant R. J. Reynolds testifies that smoking isn't addictive and secondhand smoke doesn't cause cancer. (August 13, 1997)
Philip Morris Sought Experts to Cloud Issue
Washington Post article: "Tobacco giant Philip Morris systematically wooed scientists who might help the company counter the growing consensus on the health risks of secondhand tobacco smoke and 'keep the controversy alive,' according to a 1988 internal tobacco company document." (May 09, 1997)
Tobacco Science Wars
Article in Science reports the tobacco industry has been bullying scientists, according to researchers who lead the campaign against secondhand smoke. (April 17, 1987)
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