The Pro-Tobacco: Critiques category focuses on reports about and evaluations of the activities of those who engage in pro-tobacco advocacy. Subcategories involve specific types of activities critiqued.

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The National Smokers Alliance: Exposed
ANR report on the NSA. "The goal of this piece is to reveal the origins, modus operandi, and game plan of the National Smokers Alliance, a "smokers' rights" front group created and funded by Big Tobacco to protect its profits."
Adolescent Exposure to Cigarette Advertising in Magazines
Research finds that cigarette brands popular among young adolescents are more likely than adult brands to advertise in magazines with high youth readerships.
Big Tobacco and Rupe
"Secret documents show that Philip Morris loves Rupert Murdoch's tobacco-friendly media. He's also just happens to be on their board."
Big Tobacco Gambles the American Gaming Association's Credibility
Documents how the tobacco industry has used the AGA as a public third party to fight smokefree policies.
Big Tobacco Serves the "Butt End" to the National Restaurant Association
Explains how the tobacco industry used this restaurant trade group as a front to fight smokefree workplaces.
Big Tobacco's Front Groups and Allies
Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights report covers a number of front groups used by the tobacco industry to fight smokefree policies.
Cato Institute: "Libertarian" in a Corporate Way
Article explores the Cato Institute's funding and advocacy, which include large tobacco industry funding and advocacy for the industry.
Corporate Lapdog Poses as Citizen Watchdog
Covers Contributions Watch, a fraud which pretended to expose special-interest money in elections, was secretly created and controlled by a lobby shop paid for by special-interest money.
Designer front group
Documents origins of TASSC.
Double Standards of U.S. Tobacco Companies in International Cigarette Labeling
Report from Public Citizen examines cigarette pack warning labels in 45 countries. Conclusion: what Philip Morris says about its product varies by country.
Marlboro Man Goes East
Report on industry activity in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and other East European nations.
Opening Pandora's Box
SFWeekly article covers tobacco industry activity in California between 1988 and 1993, primarily diversion of Prop. 99 funds; politicians who helped the industry; industry use of PR firms, lobbyists, and front groups.
Philip Morris Paid Rick Berman and Center for Consumer Freedom
Expose of Rick Berman and the Center for Consumer Freedom documents payments totallying $2,950,000 from tobacco giant Philip Morris to Rick Bermman.
Rite Aid Is Taking A Stand
Photo essay reveals Rite Aid's pro-smoking activities and questions its claim to be against heart disease in women.
RJR's Field Force Unravelled
Reports names RJR field operatives in charge of coordinating and developing the "smoker's rights" movement and how much they were paid.
Skeptic's Dictionary: The Junk Science Page
Charges that "The Junk Science Page is not about junk science so much as it is about anything which does not support a conservative, Rush Limbaugh type, political agenda."
Smoke Screen: Big Tobacco is Working Hard to Ensure the Whole World will Get Its Taste Of Freedom
Article from Hamburg, Germany, explores Philip Morris cigarette promotion worldwide.
SmokeFree Air Newsletter, Summer, 1995
Short summary of front groups used to oppose NYC smokefree ordinance.
Smoker Group's Thick Wallet Raises Questions
LATimes article on the National Smokers Alliance documents the gap between its claimed membership and dues members paid.
The Tobacco Industry Funds "Hospitality" Organizations
Documentation on tobacco industry covert funding and organization of pro-smoking efforts in the hospitality industry.
The Tobacco Industry in New Zealand
Public health monograph of 105 pages covers how the tobacco industry in New Zealand relates to the direct health effects of smoking, the addictiveness of nicotine, the effects of secondhand smoke, industry misuse of product design and opposition to harm reduction, industry opposition to tobacco control initiatives.
Tobacco Industry Organization and Support of Hospitality and Restaurant Coalitions
Presentation at health conference summarizes tobacco industry use of restaurant and hospitality organizations.
Tobacco Industry Strategies and Front Groups
Covers the NSA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association, and others.
Tobacco Industry Targetting of Children, Women, and Minorities
Syllabus and resources for course at The University of Dayton Law School.
Tobacco Strategy, 1994
Inside memo shows how the tobacco industry influenced the Heartland Institute, National Journalism Center, National Association of Manufacturers, Tax Foundation, and other groups to advocate and lobby for tobacco industry positions and interests.
The War in the States
Fund Article explores tobacco industry use of front groups with no obvious ties to tobacco to push for state "pre-emption" laws.
The War in the States (cont'd)
continuation of article; covers Citizens Against Tax Abuse, Citizens Against Government Interferencel, Minnesota Coalition of Responsible Retailers, Citizens for Fair Taxes, Maine Grocers Association, others.
Where There's Smoke
Article on smoking and tobacco in Hungary.
World Health Organization Tobacco Free Initiative, Eastern Mediterranean
Publications on the tobacco industry's tactics to undermine tobacco prevention in Egypt and North Africa, illicit tobacco trade in the Middle East, the economics of tobacco in Egypt and Morocco, and papers on tobacco in English and Arabic.
Tobacco Giants Accused of Smokescreen
Nature Science report on how the tobacco industry manipulates restaurant and bar trade bodies to maintain smoking in public places. (May 29, 2002)
Cigarette Push Defies Law's Spirit
News article on new tobacco industry marketing technique: approaching shoppers in grocery and convenience stores. (July 15, 2001)
Big Tobacco Rides East
Describes smuggling and the marketing of tobacco products in Vietnam. (January 01, 1999)
Marlboro Man Rides into Russia
Short CNN article on tobacco industry activity in Russia. (July 13, 1997)
Big Tobacco's Global Reach
The Reagan and Bush administrations used their econinmic and political clout to pry open markets in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and China for American cigarettes. (November 17, 1996)
Astro-Turf: Bogus Grass-Roots Groups and the Tobacco Industry
"How the tobacco industry uses bogus grass-roots groups to oppose local smoking laws." Thorough look at the National Smokers Alliance (NSA). Article from the Pacific Sun. (March 13, 1996)
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