Informational resources related to planning, implementing, and evaluating tobacco control policies.
Case Studies in Tobacco Control Policy Development
Abstracts from conference presentations.
CECHE Tobacco Policy Fact Sheets
Set of short papers from CECHE, a private nonprofit health policy organization. Addresses US policy that affects international tobacco use; tobacco advertising and promotion; women and tobacco; smuggling.
Communication Initiative Network
Numerous papers and summary introductions to programs on smoking and health worldwide.
Country Case Studies
Examines China, Mexico, Viet Nam, Russia, Romania, Poland, Senegal, South Africa.
The Epidemiology of Smoking in Ukraine
Slides from a college lecture reporting the results of a cross sectional survey undertaken in 2000.
HoltzReport: Tobacco Control
Index of and links to tobacco control stories and research by independent journalist Andrew Holtz, former CNN Medical Correspondent and Kaiser Family Foundation Media Fellow. Includes analyses of the Truth campaign in Florida and the ballot campaign that raised the tobacco tax in Oregon. Also, links to NPR archives and other information on tobacco issues.
Impacts on Tobacco Use and Policy
Poster session from health conference: cigar smoking among college students, engaging youth in tobacco control activities, and developing health warning messages.
In Memory of James Beattie Morison M.D.
Includes three papers Dr. Morison wrote on smoking in Canadian children, 1960 through 1982.
International Tobacco Control Poster Session
Health conference features policy analysis, program evaluation, and presentation of innovative programs.
IPF 2003 - Tobacco Economics Research and Advocacy
Policy research in Romania seeks to analyse the factors affecting tobacco consumption in that country.
Litigation and Public Health Policy Making: The Case of Tobacco Control
Journal article examines the arguments for and against using litigation as a policy tool, with specifics drawn from tobacco control.
Motorsport Sponsorship as a Vehicle for Tobacco Prevention
Paper presented at a conference on social marketing analyses the effectiveness of an innovative tobacco prevention program: sponsoring a race car.
National and State Tobacco Policy and Program Evaluation
Programs in New York, Florida, California, and nationally in the U.S.
Public Citizen: Tobacco Policy Papers
Discussion and analysis of tobacco policy options including litigation, legislation, regulation, and deals with the industry; focus is on the proposed deal of 1997.
Restricting Youth Access to Tobacco: Does it Reduce Youth Tobacco Consumption?
Summary of the research by ANR concludes the evidence is poor that youth access strategies are effective in reducing consumption.
Review of Smoking Prevention and Control Strategies
Review of measured results of different prevention and tobacco control strategies.
Scientific Basis for Various Regulatory Aapproaches for Tobacco
Testimony by Dr. Jack Henningfield on the health effects of tobacco and the scientific basis for various regulatory approaches.
SlideShare: Litigation in Tobacco Contrl
Slide presentation on tobacco industry tactics and use of litigation as a public health tool.
Smoking is a Major Cause of Blindness
Editorial in a health journal considers the scientific and policy merits of a new pack warning.
Smoking Is Not The Answer
Short student film promoting non-smoking. Available in QuickTime or RealPlayer format [Flash required].
Smoking Set to Kill Millions in China
Researchers find a rapid rise in tobacco use in China, where half the smokers surveyed do not know it causes cancer.
State and Local Tobacco Control Programs and Evaluation
Poster session from health conference examines a number of programs focusing on the community or local level.
State Programs Can Reduce Tobacco Use
National Cancer Policy Board report. Report covers: what is the evidence that state programs make a difference? counteradvertising and education; establishing smokefree workplaces and public spaces; increasing prices through taxation; supporting treatment programs for tobacco dependence; reinforcing youth access restrictions; monitoring performance and evaluating programs.
Tobacco control advocates must demand high-quality media campaigns: the California experience
Paper based on media research and analysis of California's tobacco education campaign. Everyone asks what works in anti-smoking education: here are answers.
Tobacco Control and the Precede-Proceed Model
Follows a single issue, tobacco control, through the phases of the Precede-Proceed model of health promotion.
Tobacco Control Archives
Collection of papers, unpublished documents, and electronic resources relevant to tobacco control issues. Provided by the University of California, San Francisco.
Tobacco Control in Arizona: A Roundtable
Summary of recent experiences and results in programs to reduce tobacco use.
Tobacco, Health and the Law
Syllabus, reading lists, and online reading materials for a course given at The University of Dayton Law School. Covers history; populations and demographics; proposed laws, regulation, and litation; tobacco and the third world countries.
A tobacco-free Europe
Publications, factsheets, and reports compiled by WHO and other organizations on the effects and trends of tobacco use in Europe.
Tobacco: A Legal and Policy Issue of the Elderly
Policy paper examines impact of tobacco on older people: addiction, secondhand smoke, smoking cessation and health care coverage, smokefree environments for children and grandchildren.
State's Antismoking Ads Working, But So Are Prosmoking Ads
Research finds that antismoking ads from health groups do decrease smoking, but prosmoking ads from cigarette companies likewise increase smoking. (March 24, 2000)
Smoking Cessation is Cost Effective
Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that smoking cessation programs are cost-effective. (December 03, 1997)
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