The Anti-Tobacco: Regulation category focuses on activities that favor additional laws restricting the use tobacco products, as well as those that oppose eliminating existing restrictions.

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Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
Nation's oldest and leading antismoking organization takes legal action and provides information about the problems and costs of smoking. Protects the rights of nonsmokers.
Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights
Works in favor of smokefree policies. Advocacy programs, local ordinances, news, effects of secondhand smoke, and critiques of tobacco industry actions.
Campaign for Nonsmokers' Rights
Supports a campaign for tobacco to be made an illegal drug, and for legal penalties for its cultivation, processing, trade, or consumption.
Federal Preemption Now a Barrier to Local Tobacco Ordinances
Short report from the Health Law and Policy Institute on case law affecting state regulation of tobacco promotion.
Non Smokers' Movement of Australia
Fighting the tobacco industry, tobacco advertising, smoking in public places and "all out-of-touch politicians who support this bogus industry". Newsletter with timely updates; publications and factsheets on tobacco history, industry strategies, and smokefree environments.
Protect Local Control
Working to allow localities - not states or nations - to write their own ordinances about smoking in public places.
BBC: Ban on smoking in public
MPs will chose between three options to banning smoking in enclosed public spaces. (December 01, 2006)
BBC: England smoke ban to start 1 July
A smoking ban in enclosed public places is to come into force in England in 2007. (December 01, 2006)
Smoking curbs: The global picture
BBC News traces the recent wave of smoking bans around the world as governments try to stub out the habit. (December 01, 2006)
BBC: Campaigners welcome smoking ban
A Government decision paves the way for a ban in England's pubs, clubs and restaurants. (February 15, 2006)
BBC: Smoking ban in all pubs and clubs
MPs vote to end smoking in many types of public venue in England, with the ban expected to start in 2007. (February 14, 2006)
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