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Category for sites that educate visitors about the issue of diploma mills which are institutions that grant degrees based upon payment only although they may use the language of higher education (accredited, alternative or distance education, etc.) to fool people into believeing the degrees are of value.

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Business researching the approval and accreditation status of educational institutions. Provides news and general information, plus paid access to databases of the status of individual schools.
Warns against the dangers of degree mills and offers alternative education solutions. - Diploma Mills
Gives information on how diploma mills operate. Includes a list of the ways that consumers and employers are victimized.
Diploma Mills
Information on diploma mills from the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization. Includes a list of institutions which are known to be diploma mills.
Diploma Mills and Accreditation - Resources and Publications
US Government advice on finding reputable institutions whilst avoiding unaccredited colleges and diploma mills.
Diploma Mills: Degrees of Deception
US Federal Trade Commission advice on identifying legitimate schools and assessing a job applicant's claimed academic credentials.
General Delivery University
This is a parody site which shows how easy it is to set up a diploma mill. Includes course catalog and the ability to download a diploma.
Ivory Tower Ripoffs - Information about Diploma Mills
Provides information about the history of diploma mills, what to look out for, as well as links to additional information.
Position Paper on Diploma Mills
The National Council Against Health Fraud provides this summary of diploma mills and why they are bad for the nutrition industry.
Wikipedia: Diploma Mill
Online encyclopedia article describes common attributes of diploma mills and discusses their legality in different countries. - Diploma Mills Insert Degree of Fraud into Job Market
Article which examines the problems caused by diploma mills. It also shows how hard it is to combat the bogus degree providers. (September 28, 2003)
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