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Coloring the News: How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism
Book by William McGowan asserting that political correctness has corrupted American journalism.
Fox Attacks: They Distort, We Reply
Includes video clips of Fox hosts and guests making outlandish claims such as there are no homeless vets, or various progressives are terrorist sympathizers, and provides commentary and analysis of the "Fair and Balanced" network.
Media Lens
Focuses most of its attention on the UK 'liberal' media, contending that, despite its leftist appearance, the scope and depth of its coverage are circumscribed by commercial considerations.
News Bias Explored
Analyzes what news bias is and how it manifests through real examples and interactive activities. Includes some teaching resources.
News Corpse
Critical look at the current state of journalism. "The Internet's Chronicle of Media Decay."
The Non-rational Citizen
Author posits people are brainwashed by the mainstream media. Includes additional articles on politics in Canada and some on the US.
Project Censored
Explores and publicize the extent of censorship in society by locating stories about significant issues which are rarely aired in mainstream media.
Republican Bias in the Media
Articles and links from website that contends media is biased towards support of Republicans and conservative views.
TV News Lies
How the media has helped politicians and the US government lie about every issue from Iraq to AIDS funding. Editorials and a call to action.
The Consortium for Independent Journalism - Money, Media & the Mess in America
Editorial stating that sometime after 2009, when historians pick through the wreckage left behind by George W. Bush’s administration, they will have to come to grips with the role played by the professional conservative media infrastructure. (January 28, 2005)
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