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Child Slave Labor News
Immaculata High School students newspaper on line. This page is about Saipan sweatshops and U.S. firms profiting from that.
CISPES Anti-Sweatshop Campaign
Compares historic U.S. sweatshops and exposes sweatshops in Central America, focusing on El Salvador
Clean Clothes Campaign
Organization focused on improving working conditions in the garment and sportswear industry worldwide. Topics includes codes for manufacturers, working conditions, news, publications, and profiles of specific companies.
Co-op America: Sweatshops
Aims to end sweatshops and child labor; supports fair trade, and international human and labor rights.
Fair Labor Association
Works with major corporations to improve human rights through agreements with clothing retailers to set minimum anti-sweatshop standards.
Garment Worker Center
Organization dedicated to organizing and empowering garment workers in Los Angeles.
Maquila Solidarity Network
Activists organizing "Maquiladora" factories to improve conditions, win a living wage, and campaign against multi-national corporate abuse.
Promotes knitting as a form of anti-sweatshop protest. Offers an application that generates knitting patterns of corporate logos.
National Mobilization Against Sweatshops
NMASS is aimed at fundamentally transforming the sweatshop system according to the needs and human rights of working people.
SWEAT: A Story of Solidarity
Independent documentary film about the lives of Nike factory workers in Indonesia.
SweatFree Communities
Organization working to end sweatshop exploitation by inspiring responsible local purchasing and fostering solidarity between U.S. communities and workers worldwide.
Sweatshop Reform
Hearts and Minds nonprofit site. Offers analysis and current links on how the harsh sweatshop conditions stimulate public reactions.
Sweatshop Journal
Minnie Roe conducted an undercover, investigation to report a U.S. firm's sweatshop practices.
Verité is an independent non-profit organization monitoring international labor rights abuses in off-shore production sites.
Worker Rights Consortium
Holds corporations accountable to supporting worker rights by enforcing codes of conduct.
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