Pro-life organizations geographically specific to regional (state, local, etc.) locations within the United States of America. ODP may not discriminate based on a pro-life organization's creed. Therefore, we will not designate subcatogories based on the religious nature or other creed of the organization. However, organizations advocating violence lose their First Amendment protections and should not be listed.

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Alliance For Life Ministries
Conservative organization offering articles on the Christian heritage, abortion and other pro-life related concerns, located in Wisconsin.
American Life League (ALL)
Roman Catholic pro-life group supports pro-life concerns through activities, legislation support, magazines, and news releases.
Americans United for Life
Provides news, insights, and recommendations on legal aspects and pending laws related to pro-life issues.
Arizona Right to Life
Provides newsletter, event schedule, political action reports, pregnancy help, and highlights of pro-life outreach programs.
Arkansas Right to Life
Provides overview of group goals, meetings, and upcoming events. Abortion information and pro-life resources available.
California Pro-Life Council
Non-profit providing legislative action alerts, news briefs and voting guide information.
Central Illinois Right To Life
Offers news and perspectives on bio-ethical issues like abortion and euthanasia through position papers by religious and civic leaders.
Christian Patriots for Life
Presents a case for educational efforts on the sanctity of life to occur from kindergarten through high school; offers curriculum for support.
Colorado Right to Life
Working by education and legislation to stop abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. State affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.
Crusade for Life
A non-denominational, evangelical organization concerned with fostering and protecting human life from conception to natural death. Reports, commentary, and legislative updates.
Delaware Right to Life
Gives away pro-life literature at fairs and conventions, makes referrals to crisis pregnancy centers and counseling programs, holds youth outreach programs, and organizes demonstrations against abortion.
EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers
Fifteen centers operational in New York City. Includes details of facilities, medical and educational programs, and volunteer opportunities.
Florida Right to Life
Features chapter news, political action reports, press releases, pregnancy help, and statistics on abortion in the state.
Georgia Right to Life
State affiliate which provides press releases, membership news, and calls to action.
The Heidi Group
Provides training and consultation for pregnancy support ministries; includes referrals to pregnancy services.
Human Life Alliance
Organization protecting human life from conception until natural death. Offers articles, a weblog and other resources.
Illinois Federation For Right to Life
Non-profit, grassroots organization that serves as state coordinating body for local pro-life chapters. Includes information on membership, events, chapters, newsletters, donations and volunteers, contacts and links.
Illinois Right to Life Committee
Located in Chicago. Overview, press releases, events calendar, and newsletter articles.
Iowa Right to Life Committee
Provides pro-life resources for pregnancy help, the history of abortion, and abstinence. State and local legislation overview available.
Jackson Citizens for Life
A non-sectarian, non-partisan organization affiliated with Right to Life of Michigan.
Kentucky Right to Life Association
Features events and news about political action seeking legal protection for those who are threatened by abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide.
Let Me Live
Organization offers alternatives to abortion as well as pointing out the risks. Page includes alternatives to terminating the life of a fetus and counseling hotline phone numbers.
Life Chain 2000 - Lawndale, CA
An annual prayer gathering.
Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN)
The New Jersey chapter of an African-American, evangelical, pro-life ministry in the United States.
Long Island Coalition For Life
Features pro-life literature, services, and news for the local New York community and beyond.
Louisiana Right to Life Federation
Highlights group goals, calendar of events, and membership news. Information on pregnancy help centers, state legislation, and pro-life license plates available.
Maine Right to Life Committee
Profiles group and provides information on upcoming meetings, scheduled events, state legislation, and abortion statistics.
Maryland Right to Life
Pro-life organization provides chapter news, activity calendar, calls for action, and statistics on how state legislators vote on the issue.
Michigan Christians for Life
Non-denominational and non-violent, MCL provides an opportunity to unite together, in prayer, for the success of pro-life efforts throughout the world.
Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
MCCL provides reference materials to educate adults and young people about the life issues. It also a list of crisis pregnancy centers for those who are seeking help.
Missionary Catholics United for Life
Catholic, pro-life advocacy organization in Pennsylvania. Operation Holy Presence is a new approach to end abortion.
Missouri Right to Life
Pro-life organization profiles its leadership, provides newsletter, and details information about how state legislators have voted and committee activities.
National Right to Life
Find information on partial-birth abortion, Congressional efforts, fetal development, euthanasia, and other human life issues.
Nebraska Right to Life Committee
Profiles group established to serve those who wish to effectively defend the right to life. News releases and event schedule provided.
New Jersey Right to Life
Pro-life organization advocating tighter restrictions on abortion and euthanasia in New Jersey
North Dakota Right to Life
Pro-life issues in North Dakota including abortion alternatives, end of life issues, and post abortion healing.
Ohio Right to Life
A collection of information about abortion, euthanasia, and related topics such as fetal development and adoption. Includes statistics, law, court decisions, medical facts, historical information, and first-hand accounts by aborted women.
Operation Rescue Colorado
"Be peaceful and non-violent in word and deed." Prolife news and information from a conservative Christian organization.
Operation Rescue West
Dedicated to ending abortion in America. With commentaries and recent related news.
Operation Save America
Pro-life demonstrations and prayer.
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation
A Pennsylvania pro-life group. Information on abortion, pregnancy help, euthanasia and pro-life activism. Based in Harrisburg.
Pennsylvanians for Human Life -- Harrisburg, PA
Mission statement, events calendar, fetal development information, newsletters, and links to pro-life resources.
People for Life (Pennsylvania)
All-volunteer pro-life organization based in Erie, Pennsylvania. NRLC state affiliate.
Republican National Coalition for Life
Group within the GOP working to make sure Republicans take a strong stand against abortion in every election. Founded by Phyllis Schlafly in the fall of 1990.
Right to Life League of Southern California
Association of 11 pregnancy centers, along with maternity homes. Offers educational speakers, seminars, and newsletters on the topics of abortion, post-abortion, euthanasia, and cloning. Based in Pasadena.
Right to Life of Greater Lansing
Overview, news, events calendar, issue policy statements, and contact details.
Right to Life of Michigan
Pro-life resources for pregnant or post-abortive women, plus information on cloning, abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, or other life and death issues.
South Carolina Citizens for Life
Includes legislative updates and releases, abortion laws in South Carolina, and links.
Susan B. Anthony List
A political action committee helping pro-life women gain election to Congress.
Tennessee Right to Life
Pro-life, non-profit, grassroots, public service organization dedicated to stopping abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, human cloning and fetal tissue research.
Texas Right to Life Committee
Provides information on legislation, events, and resources related to pro-life issues in the state.
The Vermont Right To Life Committee
Information on lobbying organization fighting laws defending abortion, and trying to change public opinion to protect the human life from conception.
Wisconsin Right to Life
Features pro-life news, educational resources, personal stories, event reports, and contact information.
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