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American Catholic: All Hallow's Eve
What Catholics believe about witches, ghosts, and magic, The Tale of Jack O'Lantern and Christian aspects of the holiday.
Annie's Halloween Page
Questions whether Halloween is really just another "harmless holiday." Written from a Christian perspective.
Christianity Today: Hallowing Halloween
Why Christians should embrace the "devilish" holiday with gusto and laughter.
Christians Should Boycott Halloween's Evil
Contends that celebrating Halloween is not appropriate for those who should emulate saints.
Don't Fear the Terror! Scriptures for Halloween
A guide to Bible stories and quotes about traditional Halloween themes. Includes links to literary stories and to Christian and secular websites.
Halloween in Light of Scripture
Contends that Halloween has its roots in everything related to Satan, therefore Christians should shun any involvement in it.
Halloween: From an Evangelical Christian Perspective
Points out that many fundamentalist's assertions are based on erroneous materials and beliefs.
Halloween: Its Origins and Customs
Traces Halloween back to the ancient religion of the Celtics and labels it a Satanic holiday.
Hope of Israel Ministries: Hallowe'en
A list of articles contending this observance is bad.
The Real Origins of Halloween
An essay into the real origins of Halloween that debunks fundamentalist's preconceptions and stereotypes.
What the Public and Faith Groups Think of Halloween
Statistics and a report of various opinions.
Why Do Many Churches Oppose Halloween?
One of 75 questions taken from the book, What People Ask About The Church, by Dale A. Robbins.
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