Sites concerning naval activity during World War II by the United States.

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Air Group 4 : Casablanca to Tokyo
Dedicated to those who served in Torpedo Squadron 4 (VT-4), Bombing Squadron 4 (VB-4), Fighting Squadron 4 (VF-4), and Marine Fighting Squadrons VMF-124 and VMF-213.
Amphibious Forces WWII
Contains information on the USNTS Sampson Veterans Association.
Battleship North Carolina
North Carolina's WWII memorial. Museum is opened daily. Information on the museum, memorial, activities, and a calendar of events.
Black Cats
History of U.S. Navy PBY squadrons in the WWII Pacific that painted their Catalina flying boats flat black and attacked Japanese ships at night. Provides articles, war stories, photos, history, resources, and links.
Destroyer Escort Sailors Association
History of all 563 Navy and Coast Guard Destroyer-Escorts built for WW2 anti-sub warfare.
Destroyer Squadron 45 Ships
History and photo gallery for USS Anthony DD515, Bennett DD473, Fullam DD474, Guest DD472, Halford DD480, Hudson DD475, Terry Dd513, Thatcher DD514, Wadsworth DD516.
Dedicated to the American submarine fleet of World War 2 including the leaders, technology, forum and other related merchandise.
Fourth Marines Band - Last China Band
Photo gallery of the Fourth Marines Band's last day in China just before the United States entered World War II.
The Lost American Aircraft Carriers
Descriptions and photographs of disasters.
The Lost American Ammunition Ships
Descriptions and photographs of disasters that occurred aboard US Navy Ammunition Ships during World War II.
The National Museum of the Pacific War
Dedicated to telling the story of the Pacific Theater battles of World War II. Includes a list of exhibits, membership information, a calendar of events, and a bookstore.
Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II
Revised version (1999) of 'The Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II' by Robert J. Cressman, Contemporary History Branch, Naval Historical Center.
The Rock - USS Rocky Mount (AGC-3)
The illustrated history of the WWII amphibious assault command ship, USS Rocky Mount. She was the flagship for the Fifth and Sixth Amphibious Assault Groups and later the Seventh Fleet.
U.S. 6th Naval Beach Battalion
An account of the June 6, 1944 Normandy invasion, personal stories, link to National Geographic story, and photographs,
The U.S.S. Neosho (AO-23)
Dedicated to this oiler, attacked at Pearl Harbor, and sunk at Coral Sea in 1942. Includes video interviews from a surviving crewman describing those battles.
USS Aaron Ward (DM 34) Home Port
Collection of photos, artifacts, and original documents about the AARON WARD. Photo and text intensive. Includes WWII and more recent photos along with crew listing.
USS Abbot (DD 629)
History and crew rosters of U.S. Navy Fletcher-class destroyer, 1943-1965. Includes photos, videos, and diagrams.
USS Alaska CB-1
USS Alaska Reunion association's website. Includes photographs, news, and reunion information.
USS Anzio Coral Sea CVE-57
Features a Casablanca Class Escort Carrier, and includes a roster of surviving members, specifications, excerpts from documents, and photo gallery.
USS Bangust DE739
Destroyer Escort from WWII. Photos, history, stories, reunion info.
USS Cavalla
Information about the history and restoration of the USS Cavalla (SSK-244).
USS Enterprise CV-6
History and information about the only carrier to fight from Pearl Harbor to Okinawa.
USS Farenholt
History of the flagship of Desron (Destroyer Squadron) 12. Includes information on the ship's namesake, photos, and details of crew reunions.
USS Frost DE-144
History of the destroyer USS Frost in WWII, sinking 5 German U-boats, awarded Presidential Unit Citation, 7 battle stars.
USS Guam Website CB-2
Site devoted to an Alaska Class battle cruiser of World War II.
Detailed specifications of the vessel.
USS Pivot (AM-276)
Brief article on the life of the vessel.
USS Worden (DD 352)
History and crew roster of Farragut-class U.S. Navy destroyer that sank off Amchitka Island in the Aleutians in January 1943. Includes personal accounts and Pearl Harbor after-action report.
Welcome Aboard the USS Independence CVL-22
History of the aircraft carrier. Includes picture gallery and personal account of a crew member.
WW II PT Boats, Bases, Tenders
An extensive site of U.S. Navy PT Boats of World War Two. Featuring the history and development, photos, drawings, stories, memorial and action reports
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