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Camp Harmony (Puyallup Assembly Center)
In-depth online exhibit of the history (from notification to the move to Minidoka) and daily camp life of Japanese-Americans in this WW II relocation assembly camp. Photos, eyewitness accounts, issues of camp newspaper, WRA regulations, staff memos, correspondence.
Children of the Camps - PBS
Companion website to a PBS documentary of the experiences of Japanese American children interned behind barbed wire during World War II.
Conscience and the Constitution
Video documentary on the Heart Mountain Fair Play Committee, the largest organized resistance to the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans. Primary documents, study guide, news updates.
Conscience and the Constitution
The story of the young Japanese Americans who refused to be drafted from an American concentration camp in World War II. Biographies, timeline, documents, letters, PBS film review.
Dorothea Lange's Photographs of the Japanese-American Evacuation
Collection of contemporary photographs of the Japanese-Americans in the process of being interned.
Free to Die for Their Country
The drafting of internees out of camps and into the Army; some resisted and went to prison. Excerpt from forthcoming book.
Internment and Evacuation of San Francisco Japanese - 1942
Newspaper coverage of the day, PowerPoint presentations, Dorothea Lange's documentary photos, links.
Japanese-American National Museum
Resources about the WW II Japanese-American relocation and internment experience.
Japanese-American Orphans Evicted From Orphanages
Orphanages packed orphans of Japanese ancestry off to government relocation camps during WW II. CNN article.
Life in Camp Harmony
A first-hand account of a little girl's impressions at being trapped behind a fence guarded by machine guns during the WW II evacuation of Japanese-Americans. Excerpt from book "Nisei Daughter" by Monica Itoi Stone.
Masumi Hayashi Photography
Cleveland-based artist/photographer presents art and research about the WW II internment of Japanese-Americans.
A More Perfect Union - Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution
Focuses on the experience of Japanese Americans who were placed in detention camps in World War II.
Relocation of Japanese-Americans
1943 War Relocation Authority pamphlet covering background, program, evacuees, students, evacuee property. Image of original cover. Photos.
Smithsonian: A More Perfect Union
Synopsis of Japanese-American Internment exhibition that "celebrates the Constitution but goes on to reveal how in a time of grave national crisis, racial fear and prejudice swept away the freedoms it guarantees."
Suffering Under a Great Injustice
The Library of Congress presents Ansel Adams's photographs of Japanese American internment at Manzanar.
The Treatment of Japanese Americans During World War II
The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute presents an examination of Supreme Court cases relevant to the West Coast relocation program with historical background and social environment. Notes, unit test, and list of materials for classroom use.
Tule Lake Committee
Information and resources on a WWII Japanese-American internment camp, located in Tule Lake, California.
Tule Lake Japanese Internment Camp
Scrapbook kept by a woman who taught in the camp. Includes photos and biography.
War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946
Images depict the daily life of Japanese-American interns.
War Relocation Authority Photographs of Japanese-American Evacuation and Resettlement
Collection taken by photographers working for the U.S. Government.
WCCA Operations Manual, Part XXXV
List of rules in force at assembly centers used in the evacuation of Japanese-Americans from the West Coast in WW II on their way to internment at relocation camps.
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