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The 16th Battalion Durham Light Infantry 1940-46
The history, roll of honour, gallantry awards, eyewitness memories, photographs and documents, the Battle of Sedjenane, prisoners of war, and resources and links.
1940: The Secret War at Shingle Street
What really happened at Shingle Street near Bawdsey, Suffolk. Story about the secret landing of Germans in UK.
Aux Unit News - Auxiliary Units in the UK 1940-44
Record of the Auxiliary Units 1940 - 44, Britain's secret resistance organisation which was formed to fight behind the lines in the event of a Nazi invasion.
The Bevin Boys Association
Remembering those conscripted to work in the coal mines during World War II.
Dan's World War II Travels and Sites of Interest
The role that Devon County played during the war including photographed documentation.
Docklands and the Blitz
The story of the effects of the Blitz on the people of London through photographs and narratives.
Island Farm German POW Camp Bridgend
History of the German POW camp in Bridgend, South Wales, from which the largest number of POWs ever to escape a British run camp escaped in March 1945.
Register of Essex-related dead of World War II
An online registry of British, Commonwealth, Allied and Axis people connected to the English county of Essex and whose death was attributable to World War Two. Also includes notes about Essex County during the war.
Second World War Memoirs of Joe Brown
An online book of an army career from a lowly private to a staff officer in the British Army of the Rhine.
War Gunner
Photos, links and information on the British Expeditionary Forces, Vimy Ridge, Dunkirk and North Africa from the perspective of an Oxfordshire soldier. Also includes a discussion of army cooking and recipes.
Wartime Leicestershire
Maps, photographs, and articles about wartime (1939 to 1945) Leicestershire, including before and after Blitz pictures.
World War II, a British Focus
Features a British focus on World War II memories and diaries. Links to other WWII sites.
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