Information about the wars between India and Pakistan, the principal ones of which took place in 1947, 1965, and 1971. The category will also include information on other minor conflicts.

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The 1965 War
Includes a photo gallery of India and Pakistan wars.
The 1965 War
Read about the second war between India and Pakistan, which took place in April 1965 in the Rann of Kutch.
The Anatomy of Indo-Pak Wars
A strategic and operational analysis of conflicts and wars.
Fight Poverty Not War
Describes the futility of war and explains the need of waging a war against poverty.
India and Pakistan Aiming for Peace
An article by Massoda Bano in the global policy forum about both countries steps towards peace.
India and Pakistan Move to the Brink of War
A report from world socialist website about India and Pakistan moving towards another war following a terrorist attack in Kashmir on May 14, 2002.
India-Pakistan Peace
A peace initiative home page with updated news and articles.
Indo-Pakistan War of 1965
Read about the war which was also fought over Kashmir and started without a formal declaration of war.
Pakistan India People's Forum for Peace and Democracy
Dedicated to promote peace and help ease communal and ethnic tension between the two countries.
Peace Initiatives
Ramtanu Maitra's article reviews the peace initiatives between India and Pakistan.
The Price of War
An article which calculates the cost of war and the futility behind spending such big amounts towards war expenses by Shrikant Rao.
The Voice of Peace
A site dedicated towards promoting peace between the two countries through the internet.
The War for Bangladeshi Independence, 1971
Account of the lead-up and course of the war from the Library of Congress.
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