Dachau was a Nazi German concentration camp near the city of Dachau. It was located north of Munich, in southern Germany. It was constructed in a former gunpowder factory. Construction of Dacha was completed on March 21, 1933. On April 29, 1945, Dachau was freed by the United States Army. For many years after its liberation, it was used as a residence for refugees.

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Dacha and its Liberation
A personal account by Felix L. Sparks.
Dachau Concentration Camp
Contains a photo essay of a trip to Dachau, with reader comments.
Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial
Describes the museum, archive and library, and features a multimedia virtual tour. Also includes information about education courses and special exhibitions. [English and German]
Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site
Contains a large list of personal accounts of visiting the camp, photographs, and essays.
Dachau Liberation
Personal account of Chuck Ferree, a liberator of the camp.
Dachau Memorial Site
Contains monuments, a tour of the camp, and photos of victims, survivors and the liberation.
Dachau, May Day, 1945
Contains an account by journalist Don Rodda, an American GI who helped liberate the camp.
Dachau: A Reading for Two Voices
Contains the story of Ronald John Vierling, his story of visiting Dachau, and his conversation with a former captive.
Dachau: Principal Distinguishing Badges Worn by Prisoners
A listing of all the badges with images.
The History Place: The Early Days of Dachau
Details the conditions of life at an early concentration camp.
Jewish Virtual Library: Dachau
Information on prisoner experiments, photographs, plus a list of guards prosecuted during the Dachau trial with their punishment.
The Nizkor Project: Dachau
Contains reports and letters about the medical experiments done at the camp.
Sherman Alexie - Inside Dachau
Offers poems about a personal visit to the site.
Testimony Excerpts - Christa M.
A witness describes prisoners from Dachau in video and audio formats.
Wikipedia: Dachau Concentration Camp
Contains a brief history of the camp, plus a list of famous prisoners.
A group investigating the contemporary history of Dachau. Contains history, camp personnel, and hints for visiting. Also available in German and Spanish.

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