This category lists sites concerning the 17th century Thirty Years War on the territory of today's Germany to maintain the Habsburg dynasty.

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30 Years War Publications and Other Information
Contemporary account of the 1632 Battle of Breitenfeld from an English soldier serving in the victorious Swedish army and a contemporary political cartoon.
350th Anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia
Prepared in connection with the 1998 celebrations of the anniversary at Munster. Year-by-year time-line and short essays on the war and the peace. Frames. Versions in Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and French. Some materials German only.
Avalon Project: The Peace of Westphalia
Full text of the 1648 Treaty of Münster, which, together with the simultaneous Treaty of Osnabrück, brought the war to an end.
Battles from Swedish History
Provides detailed summaries of the Swedish campaigns in Germany from 1630 through 1641 and accounts of the major battles including Breitenfeld and Lützen. Also contains materials on other 16th and 17th Century Swedish wars.
Catholic Encyclopedia: The Thirty Years War
Lengthy article describing the war, first published in 1912.
History Learning Site: The Thirty Years War
A survey geared toward students taking the UK "A-Level" examinations containing a background and summary of the war.
Sam Houston State University: Readings for the Thirty Years War
Translated excerpts from contemporary documents, including the Papal Bull condemning the Peace of Westphalia.
The Thirty Years War
Long- and short-version narrative history of the Thirty Years War, links and a bibliography of English-language sources.
Thirty Years War Museum
Museum located in the Bishop's Tower at Wittstock, Germany. Includes a description of the museum's organization and holdings. Frames.
University of Texas: Map of the Principal Seats of War in Europe 1618-60
Map showing the sites of many of the battles, and the courses of many of the campaigns, of the war during the 1620's and 1630's. Large file: 581K
University of Texas: Map of the Religious Situation in Central Europe in 1618
Shows the principal political units of the Holy Roman Empire and the religious affiliations of their inhabitants. Large file: 581K.

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