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The Avalon Project : War of 1812 and Associated Documents
Diplomatic papers from the War era including the Declaration of War and the Treaty of Ghent.
Discover 1812
Informative War of 1812 site including: historical documentation, events calendar and interactive points of interest maps
Fort Mackinac - Mackinac State Historic Parks
Located in Lake Huron, the fort was captured by the British very early in the war, and remained in their hands despite American attempts to retake it. Site has visitor information.
Fort McHenry - A National Monument and Historic Shrine
Visit the fort that defended Baltimore against the British invasion in the War of 1812, and the birthplace of the National Anthem. Includes site history, visitor information, and calendar of events.
Fort Meigs Memorial
Perrysburg, Ohio. A reconstruction of the original 1813 fort, contains history, visitor information, schedule of events, and maps.
Fort York
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Fort York was the primary defensive position of York during the War of 1812.
H.M.S. Nancy and the War of 1812
The story of the schooner Nancy, which sailed the upper Great Lakes during the War of 1812, and the museum that houses her hull.
The Hamilton-Scourge Project
The Hamilton and the Scourge were two schooners that sank in Lake Ontario during the War of 1812. Today, these vessels rest under 300 feet of water. Site includes a history of the war, information about the ships, their sinking, discovery, underwater archaeology, and preservation.
Kentucky in the War of 1812
A narrative by historian William Otter describing veterans of the second war with Great Britain and Kentucky's strategic contribution in shaping this critical period of American history.
Lossing's Field Book of the War of 1812
Complete online edition of Lossing's monumental 1869 book covering the entire War of 1812.
Named Campaigns - War of 1812
"The Army Flag and Its Streamers" was prepared by the Office of the Chief of Military History, to provide general summaries of each of the campaigns displayed on the Army flag.
New York Militia Rolls
These lists are muster rolls only relating to the militia of Ulster County New York State. Includes description of uniform.
The Petersburg Volunteers 1812-1813
Narrative history of the Petersburg, Virginia Volunteers in the War of 1812. Annotated with sources and other links.
Privateers of the War of 1812
American and British privateers during the War of 1812, including listings of POW's of both sides.
Remember the Raisin: Perspectives on the War of 1812
A joint project of the Monroe County Historical Society and Monroe County Community College, Remember the Raisin is a series of lectures, symposiums, and other events to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812.
Treaty of Ghent
Contains the text of the treaty and related primary source materials from the online collections of the Library of Congress.
Turning Points of Wisconsin History - The War of 1812
Original documents, images and other primary sources relate the effect of the war on Wisconsin.
The War of 1812
An extract from American Military History, a description of the military events with maps.
War of 1812 Cemetery Erie County, New York
Cheektowaga, NY. War of 1812 Cemetery gravestone inscriptions.
War of 1812-1814
A variety of articles on the war including information on battles, weapons, soldiers, and women's roles. Also includes links to historic sites, reenactor information and many photographs.
Yahoo! Group: WarOf1812
A forum for discussion of all aspects of the War of 1812 between the United Kingdom and the United States.
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