The Spanish American War (1898) was a conflict between the Kingdom of Spain and the United States. It involved actions in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippine Islands, and Guam as well as political actions in many other locations.

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1897 Navy enlisted man's uniform regulations
The clothing regulations in effect for enlisted navy personnel at the time of the war.
American Merchant Marine in Spanish-American War
The role of the Merchant Marine in bringing troops and supplies to support the invasions of the Philippines and Cuba.
Centennial of the Spanish-American War
Illustrated account of the war and its causes.
Crucible of Empire
Companion website for the PBS documentary "Crucible of Empire."
The Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The diary of a member of the 10th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantryman.
Frank Pullen at El Caney and Santiago
First-hand account of Black Sergeant Major Frank Pullen concerning the actions at El Caney and Santiago.
Medal of Honor Recipients, War with Spain
A listing of American military men who received the Medal of Honor as a result of service in the Spanish American War. Includes dates of action and reasons for receiving the medal for each recipient.
Mercer County in the Spanish American War
Database of Spanish American War veterans from Mercer County, Pennsylvania.
Michigan National Guard in the War
An account of the role of the Michigan National Guard in the war.
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Searchable rosters and histories of Pennsylvania Spanish American War soldiers.
Prologue: Sailors, Soldiers & Marines of the Spanish-American War
U.S. National Archives site providing information on the wartime records available the Archives.
Roll of the 7th California Infantry, Company L
The muster roll of the unit taken from a monument in Irvine Regional Park, City of Orange, California.
The Rough Riders
Theodore Roosevelt's own account of the First United States Volunteer Cavalry
Spanish American War
Covers all aspects of the war, such as battles, people, and the home front. Music, medicine, weapons, genealogy, veterans, Theodore Roosevelt, Cruiser Olympia, and Manila Bay Santiago.
Spanish American War mailing list
The Rootsweb genealogy mailing list.
The Spanish-American War
Detailed account of the sinking of the Maine, the press reaction in the US and the war which followed.
Spanish-American War in Film
Addresses the importance of the war to the early film industry.
The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures
Library of Congress site providing information on motion pictures of the Spanish American War in its holdings.
Treaty of Peace Between the United States and Spain
The text of the peace treaty that ended the Spanish American War.
V.P.I. in the Spanish American War
Information on the war service of cadets from the Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech.).
The World of 1898: The Spanish-American War
An online presentation with sections on Cuba, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Spain, from the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress. Overviews, chronologies, the war in literature.
Yellow Fever and the Reed Commission
Provides history of the Reed Commission of 1898-1901. Twelve Chapters with bibliography.
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