This category specifically lists sites devoted to John Brown, a famous abolitionist.

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Allies for Freedom
A nonprofit publication and education site, includes online research essays, reviews, and photos.
John Brown
Information on the life of the abolitionist and reproduction of his speech before the court when on trial for treason.
John Brown
Vintage photograph and biographical information.
John Brown
In depth biography with links.
John Brown and His Friends
Franklin Sanborn describes the formation of a secret committee of abolitionists which raised funds for John Brown's Virginia venture. The Atlantic Monthly, July 1872, Volume 30, No. 177, pages 500-61.
John Brown and the Valley of the Shadow
A comprehensive history of the raid, including a narrative summary, chronology, eyewitness accounts, newspaper reports, and other primary sources.
John Brown Fort
Photos and information on the structure in the national park.
John Brown's Ghost
Tells the story of the raid on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia by discussing local feelings regarding the presence of a ghost in the town, including information on ghost tours.
John Brown's Holy War
About the film, special features, timeline, maps, people and events, and teacher's guide.
John Brown's Raid
An article from The Confederate Military History.
On the Trail of John Brown: What Mary Brown Saw
Booklet detailing the funeral cortege from Vergennes, Vermont to the family farm in North Elba, New York.
Three Interviews with Old John Brown
Interviews conducted between 1856 and 1859 with Brown in Lawrence, Kansas. The Atlantic Monthly, December 1879, Volume 44, No. 266, pages 738-744.
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