This category lists sites especially for the Industrial Revolution, a time of technical, social, economic, and cultural changes during the seventeenth century.
Accounts of the Potato Revolution
Writings of various authors.
Child Labour
Offers detailed descriptions on what it was like to work in a factory as a child. Includes biographies of factory reformers, accounts from the workers themselves, legislation passed and statistics.
Eccles, Manchester, Canals and Revolution
The story of how the Duke of Bridgewater created the first true canal in the United Kingdom from his coal mines to Manchester with galleries of related photographs and engravings.
Factory Workers in the British Industrial Revolution
Papers on children, men, and women as factory workers as complete texts and abstracts by Douglas Galbi.
A History of Cotton Mills and the Industrial Revolution
Extensive excerpt from a book on the development of the textile industry in the United States, including New England and Mississippi.
Industrial Revolution
A slide show presentation on the Industrial Revolution, including a look at inventions, labor laws, and socialism.
Industrial Revolution
A comprehensive entry on the Industrial Revolution.
The Industrial Revolution and the Railway System
Features a range of historical information and data including research papers, images, and extracts from the Illustrated London News.
Leeds Woollen Workers Petition
A petition by workers complaining about the effects of machines on the previously well-paid skilled workers.
Letter of Leeds Cloth Merchants
Defense on the use of machines.
The Wolverhampton Gunlock Makers
A sketch history of the family businesses who produced gunlocks (firing mechanisms for guns) from the 18th century to present day.
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