Sites focusing on the urban history of the Roman Empire.

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City of the Dead: Calleva Atrebatum
Excavations in Hampshire revealed the remains of a once-thriving Roman town, Calleva Atrebatum. But what led to its abandonment? Michael Fulford turns detective.
The Corinth Computer Project
A computerized architectural and topographical survey of the Roman era colony of Corinth, by the University of Pennsylvania.
Lepcis Magna - The Roman Empire in Africa
Dr Hafed Walda reports on the latest excavations of this amazingly preserved Roman city on the North African coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Museum of St Albans and Verulamium Museum
The Roman city at the present St. Albans was the third largest in Roman Britain. An introduction with historical outline, reconstruction drawing, photographs and links.
Ostia: Harbour of Ancient Rome
Texts, plans, bibliography, links, and other resources for professional and student archaeologists and historians studying Ostia.
Pompeii Interactive
A CD-ROM written by an examiner with hundreds of photos and detailed text on all aspects of ancient Pompeii. Preview online.
Roman Towns in Britain: Written Evidence for towns
An appendix to Guy de la Bédoyère, Roman Towns in Britain (2003), giving references in classical authors and inscriptions that provide clues to the names, status or nature of towns in Roman Britain.
S.P.Q.R. Blues
Logomancy's virtual reconstruction of ancient Herculaneum and stories about ordinary folks based on archaeology.
Silchester Roman Town
The University of Reading describes the archaeology of the Romano-British town called Calleva Atrebatum, the Victorian excavations and the activities of the Field School.
Tour of Caistor Roman Town
Sue White provides a virtual tour of this Roman town in what is now Norfolk, England, complete with plans, reconstruction drawings and bibliography.
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