This category lists sites devoted to the ancient history of Nubia.

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Accounts of Meröe, Kush, and Axum
Selected excerpts from Herodotus, Strabo, Dio Cassius, and Procopius of Caesarea.
Ancient Nubia - Egypt's Rival in Africa
An exhibit that includes a press release, an illustrated article of the first Aswan Dam, and a gallery of artifacts.
Ancient Nubia - Egypt's Rival in Africa.
General historical and culture information of the past and present with images.
Ancient Sudan ~ Nubia
Articles by Ibrahim Omer on the ancient history and cultures of the ancient civilization of Nubia in Sudan
Egypt Guide for Travel and Tours, Modern and Ancient Egypt,
Ancient sites of Aswan, Idfu, Kom-Ombo, and Nubia with description and images
Elephantine Island
Description and history of Elephantine Island, from predynastic times to the present.
Gebel Barkal, Nubia
A brief history, including plans to reconstruct digitally.
History of Egyptian Architecture
Study of Abu Simbel from the standpoint of its architecture through images.
Kush, Meroe, and Nubia
Early history of the area from Paleolithic times to the 15th century.
Map - Philae
Clear and well-labeled drawing of the island.
Medieval Nubia
Text which chronicles the history and remaining archaeological and artistic evidence of this remarkable fusion of cultures based on common grounds of Christian faith and adaptation.
Neither Goddesses Nor Doormats - The Role of Women in Nubia
Scholarly paper includes a history with a conclusion and notes.
New Nubia Museum in Aswan
A detailed in-depth review and description of the facility contents.
A brief history illustrated with color images and a working timeline.
A detailed history with emphasis on religious aspects of its culture.
Essays from ancient times to the present, geography, and culture that includes photographs.
Detailed illustrated article with a map.
Nubia - Its glory and Its People
An exhibition brochure on the history from 3800 B.C. through 1400 AD.
Nubia Museum
Describes Nubia, the international effort to save Nubian monuments and artifacts, and the museum and its contents; from TourEgypt.
Photographs with comments.
Philae, Egypt
Temple views with comments after being rebuilt.
Temple of Philae
Brief description with drawings and color photographs.
Basic information on the past and present, a chronology, galleries, newsletter, forum, references, and links.
Upper Nubia at Kalabsha
Description of small temple of Het-Hert with photograph.
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