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Antietam - 2nd Wisconsin
Features battle highlights and involvement from the 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Antietam.
Antietam - A Photographic Tour
Features photos about this September 17, 1862 battle when Union and Confederate Forces met along a little creek known as the Antietam.
Antietam Battlefield Maps
Historical maps and overview of the battle.
Antietam on the Web
Historical treatment of the September 1862 battle near Sharpsburg, Maryland. Sections on the people and events of Sept 17th, plus special feature articles, references, and analysis.
Antietam: Definition
Dictionary definition of Antietam at
Battle of Antietam
The Battle of Antietam (or Sharpsburg) on September 17, 1862, climaxed the first of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's two attempts to carry the war into the North. And when the fighting ended, the course of the American Civil War had been greatly altered.
The Battle of Antietam
Two photos, overview description on American History timeline site.
Battle of Antietam - MilitaryHistoryOnline
A study of the battle, by Kevin S. Lacey.
Battle of Antietam - Wikipedia
Chronological overview of the conflict.
Battle of Antietam: Controversial Crossing on Burnside’s Bridge
Discussion of General Ambrose Burnside's order to cross Antietam Creek during the battle of Antietam.
Battle of Sharpsburg
Technical chronological account of the battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg)
Carnage at Antietam 1862
Eyewitness descriptions of the battle.
Civil WarTrust - Antietam
Overview of the battle and the resulting Emancipation Proclamation.
Historical Map Archive - Battle of Antietam
A series of Ouray's hourly maps of the battle
Ken Burns Civil War Antietam Synopsis
Antietam description, in context with other major Civil War battles.
Maryland Civil War Battle of Antietam
Photo from day of battle, description of book
Maryland Civil War Trails - The Antietam Campaign
Gives a brief history and describes driving tour of Antietam battle routes.
Picture Set From Antietam/Sharpsburg
Pictures from Antietam/Sharpsburg
Virtual Antietam Battlefield Tour
Virtual tour of the battlefield site.
War’s Lingering Devastation In the Antietam Valley
A chronicle of the aftermath of the Antietam battle 'And the Slain Lay in Rows'
Feature story about the significance of Antietam (July 30, 1995)
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