History, in brief, is the study which explains the human condition based on the chronological record of significant events and their related causes. This category is intended for sites, web pages, papers, and articles in English about the history of the island and the nation of Cuba, including historical persons.

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1906 Cuban Pacification Campaign
Overview of US military intervention.
Casal and Maceo: Art, War and Race in Colonial Havana
An academic article uses the contrasts between white poet Julián del Casal and black general Antonio Maceo to consider the conflicts and compromises of Cuban independence.
Cuba & Batista, 1952-59
Brief article by Don Mabry discusses Cuban society in the 1950's, and the turning by various sectors of society from Batista to the possibilities of revolutionary change.
Cuba Documentation Project, National Security Archive
US documents relating to the Bay of Pigs invasion, the missile crisis, and diplomatic initiatives in the 1960's and 70's.
Cuba, 1898-1959
Article by Wesley Wolfe, with bibliography, sets political and economic context for developing nationalism and the revolution.
Cuba, 1902-1925
Article by Don Mabry briefly discusses presidents and parties, noting US involvement in campaigns.
Cuban Information Archives
Primary source materials pertaining activities of Cubans in the US to end Castro's government.
Historical Text Archive
Articles, books, essays, documents, historical photos, and links, for primary and secondary materials.
History of Cuba Index
World-Wide Web Virtual Library site providing links for the history of Cuba in English and Spanish.
Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
University of Texas collection of links to academic research, culture, economy, and history resources. [English/Spanish/Portuguese]
Manuel R. Moreno Fraginals
His contributions to the study of Cuba, the history of sugar in this country, and the Caribbean region.
Marxist History: Cuba
Cuban government documents, Castro speeches, and history of the Revolution.
Rock Around the Blockade
Cuban history presented by the Revolutionary Communist Group.
Secret Cuban Documents on History of Africa Involvement
Declassified US and Cuban military and intelligence documents, which contradict Kissinger's claim that the US was not cooperating with South Africa in the Angolan conflict.
The Timetable History of Cuba
A detailed account of Cuban history beginning in 1492 and proceeding all the way to present times. You can follow the timeline or jump to the many articles, maps and photographs.
Back to the Motherland: Cuba in Africa
A review of Gleijeses’ Conflicting Missions: Havana, Washington, and Africa, 1959–1976, summarizing the involvement of Cuba, the US, and the USSR in Angola, with some information on Mozambique and on Che's time in Congo. (June 01, 2003)
Cuba: Socialism and Democracy
Online book by Peter Taaffe provides militant socialist examination of Cuba's revolution. He considers its applicability to industrialized economies, and compares it to revolutionary movements in Vietnam and Africa. (May 01, 2000)
Cuban Foreign Policy: Joint Objectives In Angola
US Marine Corps officer's academic analysis of Cuba's goals in Angola in conjunction with those of the Soviet Union. (April 06, 1984)
Castroism - Deadly Danger to the Cuban Revolution
A Marxist analysis of Fidel Castro and Castroism, written by Albert Weisbord. (December 01, 1962)
What's Going On in Cuba?
Article by Albert Weisbord analysing Agrarian Reform laws, economic results of the revolution, and political and social aspects of Castro's consolidation of power. (April 01, 1960)

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