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Madore Family Tree
Ancestral research and photographs including surnames Clement, Presse, Pitt and Pitts.
Single name study featuring the Irish lineages from the Counties of Roscommon, Longford, Westmeath and Mayo. Includes Mahaddy, Mahadey, Mahardy, Mahedy, Maheady, Maheddy, Maherdy, Mahide, Mahidy, Mahiddy and Mahody variants.
Family history including the surnames Armstrong, Chadwick, Cooper-Chadwick, Dolman and Wright.
Family chronicle featuring Maitz from Austria/Hungaria; Scherer from North Baden; and Däubler from the Swabian Ries.
Family history including the related Paquette line.
Major and Smolinski
Family history of Buster Major and Helen Smolinski, an Irish-Polish family from Solvay NY. Includes surnames Johnson, Donnan, Maltby, Chard and Grecco.
Makhi: Maa O Pyari Maa
Family history of Gunwanti Gokuldas Makhi. Areas covered include Canada, United Arab Emirates, USA and India.
Tracing the family roots including the Carvalho and Bumanglag families who settled in Hawaii.
Family heritage compiled by June Malina. Features ancestors who came to America circa 1894 from Slovakia (then Hungary) and the Czech Republic (then the Bohemia part of Austria).
Malone Ancestors
Features the Malone line from Eastern Panhandle, West Virginia, USA; the Sprigg and Monnet/Monnett families; and the Hilleary/Hillary lineage.
Malott Network
Family history and general interests of Mark and Tonya Malott. Includes information on the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH USA.
Maltez: José Luís da Silva's Page
Descendants of Sebastião da Silva Maltez and a meeting place for all people surnamed Maltês/Maltez.
Mammon Family
Ancestral heritage of Jeffrey Mammon. Features an account of Rabbi Yosef Maman, from Israel to Bukhara, and his role in reviving the Bukharian Jewish community.
Manayunk Families
Research and resources for those investigating the name and its application; and link to join the Manayunk Mailing List. Includes the family tree of Bill Cannon featuring the surnames Cannon, Herion, Broughton, Clifford and Gallagher.
Mansfields of Devon and Wiltshire
Ancestors of Stephen Mansfield including organists Purcell James and Orlando Augustine Mansfield. James Pearce was pastor of Horningsham Free Church.
Family lines of Marcella, Abril, Henschel, Rodriguez and Troy.
Mardis Family Ancestry
Discussing the history, lineages and associated resources pertaining to the name and its heritage. Includes origins, coat of arms, headstones and family group sheets. Maintained by David W Mardis.
Family history of Thomas A Markham Snr, who migrated from ENG to Virginia, USA circa 1600s. Includes descendants of Garrett Robert Tingen and Edward Watts Snr.
Ancestral history featuring Belgian lineages and family crest.
Marsland Family History
Descendants of William Henry Marsland b:21st June 1854 at the Barracks, Hobart Town, Tasmania, Australia.
Marston Manor
Ancestors of Dick Marston; features the settlers of New England including famous descendants, associated royalty and general history.
Ancestral heritage of Richard McQuisten.
Martiau, Nicolas, Descendant Association
Preserving the memory of Nicolas Martiau and his descendants. Martiau (1591-1657) was the Captain of Militia, Yorke Shire Justice, military engineer, planter, winemaker and earliest colonial ancestor of George Washington and Thomas Nelson.
Mashburn: USA
Research and resource archive documenting the history of the lineage that arrived in Virginia, USA from London ENG in 1698.
Mathia - Matthia Family Organization
Researching the name and its variants Matthis, Mathyia, Matia, Matyja, Matthiae and Mathiowna.
Family history of Terry (Matson) Morgan. Includes pedigrees, photographs, coat of arms and guestbook.
Portuguese family name of Spanish origin, consolidated in Portugal with the Philippine domination (1583).
Matteson: USA
Features the lineages of Henry and Hannah Parsons Matteson of Rhode Island. Includes spelling variants Mattison, Mathewson and Mattson. Endorsed by the Matteson Historical Congress of America.
Features Mauldin, Malden, Maldin, Malding and associated variations in the USA. Includes the surnames Bailey, Hawkins, NeSmith, Salter, Snead and Tuggle.
Cai Maver family history is dedicated to the lineages of Maver, Mahoney, Coughlan, Garber and Murray.
Maver Family
Bringing together family members worldwide. Includes records, family trees and a message board.
Family history of Alessandro W Mavilio from italy to the USA.
Registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies, number 2809. Includes variants Mayhood and Madhead.
Mayo: Our Family Ancestors
Dedicated to the memory of Bertha Ellen Hamilton Ferguson; compiled by Ellen Mayo. Includes the surnames Beardsley, Ferguson, Hamilton, Mayo and Winslett.
Mays Family
Ancestral heritage including the surnames Mays, Banks, Beal, Gosnell and Troutman.
Researching the name and its global application. Includes the original Irish variant MacCriomhthainns and popular anglicisations such as McCrohon, McCrohan, MacCrohan, Mac-Crohan, McCrehin, O'Crohan, MacCrehin and Mac-Crohon.
Ancestral heritage of Jerry Mccune. Includes family tree with historical notes, viewable photograph albums and guest book.
McDade: Sept McDade Clan Davidson
One name study including access to vital statistics, various pedigrees, research registration, message board and associated links.
McKusick Family Association
Aim is to promote camaraderie among the descendants of John McKusick, who emigrated to America (circa 1720) and wife, Mary Barker. Second major objective is to support continuing research and to archive family records.
Meadows Family
Researching the Meadows and Swift families from Gloucester and Cheshire, ENG.
Merryweather: UK
An attempt to document every Merry, including spelling variants, that has been recorded in England. Includes ancestors, descendants and associated world links.
Methvin/Methven Around the World
Researching the name and its global application including spelling variants.
American descendants of Johannes Meierhofer (b.1805) from Zürich, Switzerland. Includes stories and photographs of the lineage from Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.
Family history as compiled by David Meznarich. Includes pedigree reports and photographs. Also features the Bolgers from the USA.
Family of John R Middleton and Mary Ann Petroski; features ancestral database and associated links.
Ancestral heritage including the surnames Mieirs, Rogers, Adams, Trahern, Barnes, McCurdy, Pyburn, Franklin, Hardy, Thomas, Hinds and Timmins.
Family history of Adeena Jan Mignogna including the surnames Lilienthal, Agdern and Goldmark.
Family history including the lineages of Miltenberger and Kohlhaupt; available in German, English and Swedish.
Minty of New Zealand
Family tree of George Minty including ancestors and associated lineages.
Mishler: Seven Giants
Investigating the name and its application including associated lineages. Features gedcoms, census data, obituaries, photographs and individual family files.
Publications covering the history of the name Mobberley and its derivatives from the early 11th century through to the 1840s. Available for purchase.
Moen: South Dakota, USA
Ancestors of Myrtle Dickson Moen (b.1914). Includes surnames Simonson, Kangas, Aschenbrenner and Glowienks.
Moff Family
Descendants of Johann Georg Moff (b.1793) from the town of Oberschwarzach, near Neckargemünd, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Arrived in the USA on the Isaac Bell in July, 1851.
Mold and Blackburn: UK
Family tree of Timothy Martin Andrew Mold and Karen Yvonne Blackburn. Includes the surnames Allen, Bradbury, Darby, Evans, Finnigan, Hempstead, Thompson, Margam, McKenna, Meadus, Payne, Preston, Revitt, Scott, Thornton, Tompkins and Weston.
Family history including surnames Munkley, Cobb, Davies, Gordon, Legge, Preece and Seaborne.
Moreland World
Family history of Stephen Moreland including surname origins.
Family history of Elmer W Morgenthaler and Emerentia M Schroer. Includes international hub featuring associated history pages, business directory, plus tools and services.
Morphew: Planet Murphy
Descendants of Joseph Morphew and Mary Burke detailing the line of James Morphew and Rebecca Hogan. Includes ancestry of William Eckart 1815-1882. Joseph Morphew and Mary Burke and descendants Details the line of James Morphew and Rebecca Hogan.
Morr: Sweet Potato
Ancestral heritage of Stacie Morr including the surnames Landis, Morr, Pollard, Scheck, Standridge and Watts.
Family history of Thomas R Morrow, includes surname database and lineages from Arkansas, 1800s.
Descendants of Nickolas Mosiuk. Attempting to contact other families with a similar name.
Family history of Ronald A Mosoff including pedigree, photographs and various reports.
Ancestral research featuring the lineages of Mothershead, Mottershed, Pearce and Pierce.
Mottershead: Riggwelter
Family history featuring the surnames Mottershead, Collinson and Pimm. Compiled by David Andrew Mottershead .
Mower Family History Association
Researching the name and its variants such as Maurer, Mowry and Mowery. Includes associated lineages of Brill, Grisso, Geissinger, Diehl, Amick, Hall, Turtle, Blackham, Kolb, Cockerham and East.
Family history of Norman M Moyle from Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, USA. Includes family photographs and associated links.
Muir Family Tree
Family history of Francis Muir including the surnames Angelo, Endacott, Steuart, Van Cortlandt and Whiteway.
Family history including tree, photographs, timeline and scanned documentation.
Exploring the origins, history, pedigree and current status of the Irish clan Mulvihill. Maintained by James M Mulvihill.
Y-chromosome results and data interpretation presented and described.
Murrell: Four Families
Features the primary lineages of Box, Estep, Murrell and White. Associated surnames include Clem, Hendrickson, Jones and Phillips.
Family tree of Melissa J Mytinger from Berkeley, CA USA.
Patrick MacAlister (P01)
Pictures and information about the modern branch of the ancient Scottish clan MacAlister, including tartan, history, pictorial tree, links, and an article on the name origin.

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