Sites in which the primary focus is the etymology of a surname and its variants, a one-name study or organization, relevant genealogy, or an associated family history.

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Family of Jean Labelle as compiled by Karen Sullivan.
Descendants of Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps and Marie Lorgueil; includes the family lines of Croucher, Reaume, Deschamps and Whitehead.
Lacy Family Tree
Descendants of Thomas Lacy; immigrated to Virginia, USA from Wales circa 1680-1685. Compiled by Allen Lacy.
Barry Laden's family tree featuring the branch based in London, UK.
Family history of Helene Blattstein and Norman Laefer.
LaFerrière and Charron
Family history of Joseph A R LaFerrière across the USA, Quebec and Saint Onge, France.
Family history of Kathryn Lake Hogan. Researching the lineage from Lincolnshire, England.
Lalonde and Roderick Family History
Ancestral database with roots in Canada and New York, compiled by Lucinda G (Cindy) LaLonde Roderick and Thad P Roderick, Snr.
Lamoureux and Port
Ancestral heritage of Ray Lamoureux and Bev Port featuring the lineages of Lamoureux, Port (Part), Foyle (Faille), Bryant and Riley.
Ancestral heritage of Nancy Patterson including associated lineages.
Ancestral heritage of Arthur A Lampert, Jnr. Features the American descendants of Jacob Lampert of Flasch, SWZ.
Family database as compiled by Woodrow E Lance.
Landis Family Tree
Ancestors of Karen Arnold.
Landon Family Research Group
Dedicated to the preservation of family history and as a means of communication amongst fellow researchers. Features mailing list and associated US links.
Langleys Online
Research hub for those researching the name and its global application. Includes links to associated database and family pages.
Langston Histories
Family stories as compiled by Charles (Chip) Langston. Various branches including non-related, all are encouraged to make contact.
Lankshear Family
Family history of Ron Lankshear, including surnames Eagle, Robbins, Hayball, Hale, Skeggs, Paxford, Townsend, Shaw, Sylvester and Pearson.
History of the name, migration, photographs and worldwide family trees as compiled by Gaetan Lanoue, a resident of Quebec, Canada.
Ancestors and related lineages of David Last.
Lathan Family History
Descendants of Robert Leathan and brothers, William and David who immigrated from County Antrim, Northern Ireland to the USA shortly after the American Revolution. Includes surnames Eakin, Kilpatrick, Melugin, Teater, Davis, Vaughan, Burgiss, Lewis and Melton.
Researching the family lines of Lawrence, Johnson, Threadgill and Derryberry.
Ancestral research compiled by Grethe and Erhard Leach, covering Denmark and the USA. Available in both Dansk and English.
Leavitt Families Inc
National Association (NALF) was formed with the objective of promoting acquaintance and good fellowship among the living descendants of immigrant John Leavitt (New England, 1636); and Thomas Leavitt (Hampton, NH USA 1639).
Lefley Family Tree
Leicester and Derbyshire family including the branches of Baldock, Milum and Slade.
Ancestral history focusing on the lineages from Kentucky, USA. Compiled by Cecelia (Tootie) Layman.
Family history of Heinrich August Leifeste and wife Sophie Elisabeth Henriette Viedt Leifeste. Includes historical sketch of August Leifeste Snr; and the descendants of Samuel Daniel Leifeste.
Leist Family
Ancestors and allied families as compiled by Sue Parsons.
Surname history as compiled by Jim Lenehan. Includes information of Glenealy in County Wicklow, a village on the East Coast of Ireland.
Lentz-Lance Family
Ancestors and related lineages as compiled by Debbie McInroe.
Leong Family Tree
Ancestral history including name origin, references and Chinese Dynasties.
Yahoo discussion group for those researching the names Leriger or Laplante.
Lessenger Family
Pictorial history presented by Dean Salisbury. Attempting to identify photos taken circa 1902, possible relatives of the Salisbury, Gabb and Gray lineages.
Letsos Ferroux Family
Ancestral heritage of the Letsos and Ferroux families and associated lines.
Designed to assist those researching their US ancestry. Includes preliminary membership information in relation to the LeValley Rootsweb Mailing List. Excludes LaValley variation.
Family history of Rev William Leverich (1603-1677) of Newtown, Queens County, Long Island as compiled by Tom Leverich from West Windsor, NJ USA.
Descendants of Conrad Lichtenfels and Susanne Bittman from Spielberg, Baden, DEU to Indiana, USA circa 1800s.
Lidstone Family History Society
New membership will incur a one off fee of £10. All members have access to archives and copies of the family trees. Registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies, number 87. Includes variants Ledston, Ledstone, Lidston and Lydston.
Descendants of Johannes Phillip Liebrich of Mannheim, DEU. Features US descendants as compiled by David Hartzell Leebrick of Palm Bay, Florida.
Liffiton Family History
Explores history related to the name which is derived from Liverton and Leverton. With origins in Devonshire, England, the name has spread throughout Brazil, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.
Light: ENG
Ancestral heritage of Denise Light (b.1948) from Surrey and later Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire.
Researching the name and its spelling variants; includes US census data 1790-1930; and link to join the Lightkep-L Rootsweb Mailing List.
Lindsay International
Y-Chromosome test in order to establish haplotype(s) and determine which of the lineages share a common ancestor. Features pedigrees, allied surnames, places, entities, kilt, heraldry, armory and associated links.
Linkes/Linkous Family History
Ancestors and descendants of John Barnett (Barney) Linkes and Mary Ann Housewright as compiled by John Linkes.
Hans - Peter Wendelin von Pazatka Lipinsky, researching since 1953. Includes name origin, family crest and general family history.
Lizanna: Southern Belle's Family Tree
Researching the surnames Lizanna, Dedeaux, Fulton, Saucier, Swanier and Lang.
Lizweb Family History
Ancestral research including surnames Thomas, Willsman, Fisher and Denman of Somerset and Devon.
Ancestors of Susan Alexander Llauget including the surnames Alexander, Morris, Thompson, Stiles, Englebert, Harmon and Heacock.
LoBosco Family
Early photographs of the Pietro LoBosco family of Welland Ontario, CAN. Features immigrants from Grotte, Sicily. Related to the Tulumello's and Cipolla's of Pennsylvania and Detroit.
Locke Family Association
This may be the oldest incorporated family association in the US. It was founded in 1891 and incorporated in 1898 by the descendants of Capt. John Locke and Elizabeth (Berry) Locke who settled at Locke's Neck, NH in the middle of the 17th Century. Site has plans for annual August reunion.
Ancestral heritage of the Lockerby and Mortson lineages.
Logan: Family Trail
Ancestral heritage of Donna Younkin Logan of Hancock, MD USA. Surnames featured include Logan, Elder, Crippen and Junghen.
Descendants of William Loughry who emigrated from Ireland in the 1700s; settled in Pennsylvania, later moving to Steuben County, NY USA.
Family history of Marcine E Lohman nee Amelung from Firestone, CO USA. Features the family lines of Lohman, Ash, Luttrell, Thornton, Bodenstein, Shlueter/Schlüter, Suedekum, Walperswiller and Wolff.
Lommerse North: Chosen Frozen
Ancestry of the lineage from Yukon, with family tree and newsletter.
Longoria Alcala Family
Ancestral heritage of Raul N Longoria of Fort Worth, TX USA.
Family history including the surnames King, Null, Gorby, England and Smith.
Researching the name and its application worldwide. Includes pedigrees, arms, nobility and associated links.
Lord Family History
Pedigree database of Robert E Lord; includes guestbook and family forum.
Lorman/Lowman Family Tree
Researching the Bauer, Gibson, Lorman, Lowman, McClurkin, Norton, Stevenson and Wickline families. Compiled by Michael J Lorman from Nevada, USA.
Losty: Ireland to America
Researching and documenting the families that descend from the Kildare County, Irish line. Includes the various Holyoke lineages from the USA.
Dedicated to the Lowary, Lowery, Lowrey, Lowry and Loughry names and spelling variations.
Family history of Paul and Tami Lowell from Raleigh, NC USA. Includes Paul's personal interests such as astronomy, electronics, hiking, camping and sailing. Also features boat renovation and refinishing.
Lucey and Lucy
Historical research and resources pertaining to the name and its application as published by Norman Lucey. Features origins, database and guestbook.
Descendants of William Luffman (d.1798) as compiled by Terry Mattison. Includes the surnames Harris, Park, Blue and Henry.
Family history of Wayne A Luke II, including the surnames Wilson, Boe, Ford, Woodruff and Cooley.
Yahoo group exchanging information pertaining to the name and its global application. Includes mailing list and archived messages.
Lundeen and Swanson
Features history and photographs of the recent reunion and general ancestry of the Lundeen and Swanson lines.
Lundy and Lunde
Family history and general interests of Ken Lundy Snr, Eagan, Minnesota. Includes research on the name worldwide and in particular those of Norwegian descent.
Lunsford History
Family tree and general information as compiled by Henry Lunsford.
Lusk And Bier Family
History of the Lusk family from Michigan and the Bier family from Wisconsin.
Lynch Clan
Family tree of Andrew Michael Lynch and Agnes McMullen Lynch.
General and family interests of Norm Léveillée including Léveillée-Bélanger ancestry.

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