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Barb Chandler - Outing Relationship Abuse: A Primer for LBGT Youth
A book written to inform young people about abusive relationships; empower them to help themselves; and instruct them how to have healthy relationships. [PDF]
Being Gay is Okay
Attempts to answer questions on subject such as coming out, homophobia and sex for young males. Includes diaries and forums.
Gay Boy Support Network. Based in Canada. Forums, news, help on coming out, suicide prevention, shyness, AIDS, relationships, chat, support, and galleries.
Charlie's Gay Resources Page
Information and links for youth, their parents, families and friends. Candid advice from someone whose been there.
Cool Page for Queer Teens
Useful information for GLBT teens about coming out, problems in school and at home, religion. Several links and expert consultations.
Gay Boy Support
Information and support for gay teens including topics on coming out, bullying, suicide and religion.
Gay or Bi Tendencies Male Youth Face
For men on many sexual and health matters, including how to tell if you are gay, and what to think about if you are attracted to men sexually or emotionally.
Just Say Yes
An irreverent and unabashed sex education guide for teens. Covers issues of AIDS, STD's, birth control, pregnancy and abortion.
Safe Sex
Safe sex is always better. It's fun, and you don't have to worry as much.
The Trevor Project
A national 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for gay and questioning youth.
We Are Family
Group meeting weekly in Charleston, South Carolina. Events calendar, directions, and donation options.
White Ribbon Campaign
Graphic to put on websites to raise awareness about gay-teen suicide.
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