This subcategory features websites pertaining to the Taino/Arawak Amerindians of the Caribbean, with a focus on contemporary Taino organizations and groups in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and amongst immigrant communities in the United States.

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Bobby Gonzalez
This is the personal page for a self-described Native American/Latino lecturer, storyteller, and poet of Taino descent.
Coqui's Village
A collection of Taino sites dedicated to promoting Taino cultural education as well as the sale of images of Boriken and Taino daily life, and the sale of various arts and crafts.
Documents of Taino History and Culture
Taino FAQ, materials on Christopher Columbus, Taino culture history, a gallery of images, and a short history of the Jatibonicu Taino Tribe of New Jersey are featured on this page.
Fundacion Historica De Jatibonicu'
Mission Statement of the Jatobonicu Historical Foundation, organizational membership, and map of Taino chiefdoms of Puerto Rico are offered on this page.
The Historical Roots of a Nation
Chief Petro Guanikeyu Torres provides a short essay on Taino history and cultural revival.
The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Boriken
Official tribal Government web site featuring a wide range of information on Taino culture and history, essays, photographs, links, and organizational information.
The Jatibonicù Taino Tribal Band of New Jersey
Documents of the organization, historical materials, image galleries, statements, mailing lists and links are featured.
Taino Indian Culture
A concise historical and ethnographic description of the Tainos is provided on this page by Magaly Rivera.
Taino Timucua Tribal Council, Tampa, Florida
This page provides an ethnohistoric overview of the Timucua of Florida and their Taino relations.
Taínos of Puerto Rico, a cultural site
A cultural history of the Taínos of Borikén including traditions, folklore, cooking, agriculture, clothing, artifacts, and physical description.
The Tekesta Indians of South Florida
The Tekesta Indians lived in what is now Dade and Broward Counties, southeast Florida, and had a capital town, probably also called Tekesta, in Miami. Today the Tekesta Taino society is reorganized under the Tekesta Taino Tribal Band of Bimini Florida and is organized and based in the area of Miami and West Palm Beach Florida.
United Confederation of Taino People
This site features information on the organization, contact information, a wide variety of educational resources, a news group and a journal focusing on contemporary Taino, Carib and Arawak Indians within and outside of the Caribbean Islands. In addition, the site offers essays and links to affiliated organizations across the Caribbean.
World History Archives: Indigenous Peoples of Boriken
A retrospective and contemporary history of the Taínos of Borikén, and the history of Caribbean peoples of Amazonian origin in general.
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