Websites listed within this subcategory are those that feature Caribs, Kalinas, Kalinago and Garifunas in countries such as Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent, Dominica, Belize and amongst immigrant communities outside the Caribbean region.
The Amerindians of Trinidad & Tobago, the website of the National Steelband organization of Trinidad, prepared this page on the Amerindians of Trinidad.
Carib Territory, Dominica by Maciej Swulinski
Photo gallery with commentary of contemporary Carib Indians in Dominica.
Caribs, Garifuna and Garinagu of Seine Bight, Hopkins, George Town, Dangriga, Barranco
A Los Angeles based site that aims to provide a diverse range of information, essays and photos on the Garifuna culture of Belize and the diaspora.
The Garifuna in Belize
This page provides a conscise ethnohistoric account of the genesis of the Garifuna (Black Caribs) and an analysis of some of their main traditions.
A Garifuna Web portal with an array of links for contemporary Garifuna news, issues, culture, and organizations.
The Gli-Gli: the Carib Canoe Project
The website for the 1997 Dominica Carib canoe project that involved a journey from Dominica to Guyana, with stops at Carib communities along the way, in an effort to relink the communities and retrace their history.
Kairi Tukuienyo Karinya
An outgrowth of the Santa Rosa Carib Community of Arima, Trinidad, this page explains recent events organized by KTK to highlight the Amerindian history of colonial Trinidad and its legacy.
Report on the Caribs, 1902, by H.H. Bell
A reproduction of a key historical colonial document, written by Henry Hesketh Bell, administrator of Dominica, on the Caribs of Dominica and their Reserve.
The Story of the Caribs and Arawaks
Historical overview of colonial writings and interpretations of the Caribs and Arawaks of Trinidad, by the Trinidadian journalist and author, Kim Johnson.
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