European cemeteries. Image galleries only, no business listings.
Flickr: Cemeteries of Europe
A group to share photos of European cemeteries.
Flickr: Portuguese Cemeteries
A place for all the pictures taken in the cemeteries of Portugal, without any limits.
Flickr: British War Cemeteries
Photos of cemeteries and memorials.
Flickr: Cemetery UK
For images of UK cemeteries. From lichen growing on a headstone to a panorama of a cemetery.
Flickr: Church Graveyard UK
A group to share images of UK church graveyards.
Flickr: Crossbones Graveyard
The Crossbones burial ground in Southwark, South London. As an unconsecrated burial site (for paupers and prostitutes up to 1851) it contains no gravemarkers or indeed any official recognition whatsoever. To this day the site exists in a state of limbo between anonymity and redevelopment.
Flickr: Dutch Cemeteries
Share your photos of graveyards, tombstones in the Netherlands.
Flickr: Glasnevin Cemetery
The group is for the cemetery only and not for the botanical gardens. Dublin, Ireland.
Flickr: Glasnevin Cemetery, Prospect Cemetery
Photos from the main Catholic cemetery in Dublin, Ireland.
Flickr: Highgate Cemetery
For images of Highgate Cemetery. UK.
Flickr: Kerepesi Cemetery, Budapest
Photos from the Kerepesi Cemetery, Budapest.
Flickr: London Cemeteries
Photos of London, UK, cemeteries. Including the Magnificent Seven, the famed Victorian cemeteries landscaped for meandering around in.
Flickr: Paris Cemeteries
For your photos of Paris cemeteries.
Kirei No Shizuka (Beauty in Silence)
Photos from Highgate Cemetery in London and from Pere Lachaise in Paris plus several other sites.
Northern Cemetery in Leeuwarden
Pictures and history (in Dutch at the moment)of the Northern Cemetery in Leeuwarden, Holland. The navigation text is in English.
Page of The Dead
Biographies of artists and other notables, with photos of their gravestones and monuments, in cemeteries in England, Austria, and France.
Pharmcats Cemetery Photos
Several cemeteries in England and Scotland, and a sections with altered and infra-red images.
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