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The crime of murder is unlawful homicide: the act of killing another human being with malicious intent. It is this intent, particularly when it demonstrates premeditation, which distinguishes murder from accidents and from manslaughter, which in Anglo-American law is unlawful homicide through negligence or otherwise without specific malicious intent.

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Arquette, Kaitlyn
Short article written by the family of an Albuquerque girl shot to death in her car.
Black Kalendar
People convicted and jailed in the UK. Offences include intentional and attempted killing, conspiracy and soliciting killing and manslaughter. Photographs of the convicts are given where available along with details including sentence length, charge and date of imprisonment. Forum.
Cleveland State University: Shepherd, Marilyn
Bludgeoned to death in her bed in 1954. The focus is on the case built up against her husband. Includes newspaper coverage from the time, police documents, coroner's files and transcripts from the trials and post-trial motions.
ID Files
Investigation into the killing of Kevin Ives and Don Henry. Information, photographs and details of the trials.
Killing Killers
Blog featuring posts on unsolved crimes, missing persons and cold cases.
Klaas, Polly
From the Polly Klaas Foundation.
Murder UK
Articles focusing on killings in Britain categorised by type. Categories include cannibals and serial killers.
Smith, Madeline
19th century Scottish murder case plus testimony and details on architect David Hamilton, Madeleine's grandfather.
Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
Discussion forums for current events.
Who Killed Cissy?
Detailed account of the unsolved murder of Emily "Cissy" Stuart, a Princeton, New Jersey, socialite found dead in 1989.
Wylie-Hoffert Career Girl Murders
Marvin Smilon's investigation of the 1963 slayings of Emily Hoffert and Janice Wylie.

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