Activism "emphasizes direct vigorous action, especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue". This category includes sites with many perspectives and goals, concerning Cuba's form of government, its economic system, specific laws and policies, and foreign policies of the US relating to Cuba.

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Cuba: Re-Establishing Ties
Global Exchange, a non-profit research, education, and action center, describes its campaigns relating to US-Cuba relations, includes books and videos for sale, and travel opportunities.
Cuban American Alliance Education Fund, Inc. (CAAEF)
Nonprofit network that educates on issues related to hardships caused by current United States-Cuba relations. Includes news articles, personal stories, and newsletter. [English/Spanish]
Cuban American Military Council - CAMCO
US-based group of former US and Cuban military personnel preparing to retrain the Cuban Armed Forces for service in a democratic state. Describes organization, goals, and current projects. [English/Spanish]
Cuban American National Foundation
A US non-profit organization dedicated to advancing freedom and democracy in Cuba. [English/Spanish]
Directorio Revolucionario Democratico Cubano
US-based youth organization seeking free and democratic elections and general amnesty for all political prisoners. Employs only nonviolent methods. English, Espanol.
Free Cuba Foundation - Fundacion Cuba Libre
Organization founded by students at Florida International University seeking to support free markets, democracy and human rights in Cuba. Includes news stories and links to activist organizations.
M.C.U.D. - Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy
Working from the US, Europe and South America for restoration of democratic government in Cuba, through education, lobbying, and relationship building with non-governmental groups on the island. Lists activities and contacts. [English/Spanish]
USAID/Cuba Program
Goals of promoting rapid, peaceful transition to democracy, and helping develop civil society. Lists grantees, with amount received and projects. Also provides project reports and evaluations.
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