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A & B Detox Inc.
Offers same day and permanent detoxification solutions to pass urinalysis, blood, hair follicle, and saliva drug test.
Clear Test
Drug testing products, news and information to help you pass urine and hair follicle drug tests.
DeTox Clear
Offers products for passing a drug test.
Detox For Less
Products to pass any drug test with urine, hair, saliva drug testing products.
Detox Labs
Offers drug detox products helping you to pass a drug test.
Direct Detox
Offers a solution to on-the-job urine and hair follicle drug testing.
Drug Test Tips
Information on different types of testing modalities.
Drug testing book
Provides information about different kind of testes for your research or practical use.
Drug Testing Clearinghouse
Sells a variety of testing kits and detox products plus powdered urine. Also contains links to information on using the hemp seed oil defense, medical marijuana, religion and hemp, and legal products that cause false negatives.
Drug Testing Information
Sells instructions for passing drug tests.
Drug Testing Solutions
Information on how to beat a drug test. Products to help you pass a drug test.
Global Detox
Offers a variation of drug detox products to help to help you pass drug tests.
Herbs for Life
Herbal formulas, shampoo, and carbohydrate drinks designed to remove residues before a drug test. [Salt Lake City, UT, US]
Offers legal nutritional supplements to help detoxify saliva, hair, blood and urine.
Pass a marijuana drug test, marijuana detox, products to get marijuana and THC out of the system.
MB Detox
Urine, hair, blood, saliva detox products and everything to know about drug testing.
One Source
Manufacturer and wholesale vendor of the Detoxify line of toxin removal products including Aqua Clean, Fast Flush, and Ready Clean. Includes general information about the science behind detox products. [Lake Bluff, IL, US]
Pass a Drug Test
Products and tools to pass a drug test easily.
Pass a Drug Testing for All
Offers information on drug testing as well as numerous drug testing and detox kits.
Pass All Drug
Products for passing a drug test easily by taking a urine, hair, saliva or blood samples.
Pass Your Test
Sells a variety of urine, blood, and hair cleansers.
Sarken Nutrition
Offers products designed to quickly detoxify blood and urine. A daily pretox is also available.
Scitech Retail
Sells a treatment to detox hair, and synthetic urine kits.
Serious Monkey Business
Detox products that remove drugs from urine, hair, or saliva. Will work on any type of drug test.
Spectrum Labs Urineluck
Herbal and carbohydrate purifying products. Also sells home drug test kits. [United States]
Home test kits, as well as herbal and carbohydrate products, and urine additives, designed to hide substance residues. [Oklahoma City, OK, US]
Provides the choice of detox kits for passing different drug tests, including urine, blood and saliva. hair follicle drug tests.
Ultimate Detox
Information on drug testing including virtual test, detection times, false positives and testing methods. Sells a variety of detox products. UK company shipping worldwide.
Ultra Klean Urine Kits
Offers products to help passing any drug test.
Offers drug-free samples designed to be used to pass drug tests.
Urine Clear
Sells a variety of detox and testing products.
Urine The Clear
Offers products to successfully pass a drug test. Does not sell detox products or synthetic urine. Only sells real human urine kits in dehydrated or frozen form.
USA Drug Screening
Provides a wide selection of top quality drug testing kits, drug screening, testing kits for drugs of abuse, urine drug test, and home drug tests.
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