Sites that offer a variety of books on mental health for the general public.

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American Psychiatric Publishing
The publishing arm of the APA - American Psychiatric Association - publishes textbooks and research monographs in psychiatry and related fields.
Anger Help
Workbooks on anger management, anger control, and creating real relationships.
Balance - The Art and Science of Health
A collection of activities, books, and information for physical, mental and spiritual growth and well-being. Written by Dr. Joy Koenig, a preventive medicine physician.
Caversham Booksellers
Specialising in books for professionals on psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychology, and for the layperson on relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction. Canada.
Chipmunka Publishing
Publishers of mental health books in paperback and digital formats.
Guilford Press
Publishes professional and trade books, videos, audio cassettes, journals and newsletters, and software in psychology and psychiatry, social work, education, communications, geography, and social theory.
Human Givens Publishing
Books on the Human Givens approach to psychology, psychotherapy and education. Includes links to publications, archived articles, and further resources.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publishers of accessible professional and academic books in the social and behavioural sciences.
Mental Disorders
Videos and books on mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and anxiety written by Dr. Herbert Wagemaker.
New View Publications
Offering a variety of books on control theory, self help, mental illnesses and their treatment. Online ordering available.
Personalized Stress Management
Family therapist Joseph Gill offers stress management and relaxation resources.
Sidran Foundation
Books and resources on trauma and PTSD.
Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention International Ltd
Offering psycho-educational values and decision making books for use in adolescent group therapy, clinics and classrooms.
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