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All About Corn Snakes
Breeder specializing in corn snakes, but also offering milk, rat and king snakes. Site includes care sheet, photos and genetic information.
All Boas
A site devoted to sharing one breeder's enthusiasm for boa constrictors.
Anjeanette's Friendly Corn Snakes
Breeder offering corn snakes.
Awesome Arboreals
A private breeder specializing in emerald tree boas and green tree pythons.
The Boaphile
Dedicated to the propagation of all Boa Constrictors: red-tails, albinos, hets, hypos, anerythristics, pastels, Colombians, Peruvians, Surinams and Bolivians.
Boas By Klevitz
Breeder offering a variety of Boa morphs including VPI Caramel T+ Albino, Scarlet Hypo, and Jungle.
Bob Clark Captive Bred Reptiles, Inc.
Specializing in rare burmese, reticulated and ball pythons. Includes forums, articles and multimedia.
Carpet Pythons by Marc Mense
Carpet pythons for sale in Germany.
Christen's Corns
Breeder offering corn snakes for sale.
Dick's Snakes
Breeder of Rosy Boas, King, Milk, Rat, and Bull Snakes.
Don Patterson Reptiles
Offering captive bred Pythons and Boas. Includes a photo gallery.
Gregg's Reptile Basement
Breed and maintains a collection of rare colubrid morphs and localities. Specializing in Rat, Gopher and King snakes of North America.
Harford Reptile
Breeder specializing in Angolan Pythons, Ball Pythons, and Kenyan Sand Boas. Also offers reptile merchandise and books.
JTC Reptiles
Alabama breeder specializing in Burmese and Ball python morphs. They also offer pure Costa Rican locality and Brazilian Rainbow Boas.
Kathy Love's Corn Utopia
Corn snake stock availability, as well as published care guide and other merchandise. Information, photos, and care sheets for both novices and advanced hobbyists alike.
Living Art Reptiles
Specializing in ball pythons but also offering Burmese pythons and boa constrictors.
Mike's Corn Snakes
Florida breeder of captive bred corn snakes. This site has Care Sheet, FAQ page for beginners questions as well as price list for hatchlings.
Ophidiophile Farms
Specializes in rat snakes, but also offers boas and pythons.
The Painted Python
Breeder specializing in a variety of ball python and blood python morphs.
Python Passion
Specializing in captive-bred ball pythons.
Ralph Davis Reptiles
Dealing in boas and pythons.
Works on producing a very diversified collection from several unrelated bloodlines.
Rattlesnakes for Sale
Offering copperheads as well as Eastern diamondback and Canebreak rattlesnakes.
Ball python breeder who offers international shipping. Site has forums, photos, resources, care sheets and articles.
Signal Herpetoculture
Private breeders of green tree pythons (Chondropython / Morelia viridis) and emerald tree boas (Corallus caninus).
The Snake Keeper
Specializing in captive propagation of natural and colorful pattern morph ball pythons.
Snowball's Ball Pythons
Private breeder of captive bred and born Ball python morphs. Tutorials and information.
South Mountain Reptiles
Large producer of corn snakes in the Midwest.
Vida Preciosa International, Inc.
An assortment of boas, colubrids and pythons for sale.
Vivid Reptiles
Breeder specializing in boas, pythons, king and rat snakes. Offers worldwide shipping.
Wayne's World of Snakes
Breeder offering various captive bred and wild caught snakes.
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