Tags may be metal, leather or plastic, and contain information about the pet and/or its owner.

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Supplies engraved breed dogs tags, Breed Cat Tags, reflective collars, leads and harnesses.
Bella Tocca
Offers sterling silver tags. Some have gem stones settings.
Best Pet Tags
Seller of identification discs.
Stylish ID tags with an online service. Protect your pets and help others.
Boomerang Tags
Identification for pets in brass, plastic, and stainless steel.
Cheap Dog Tags
Offers minimal priced aluminum variety.
Offers gold and embossed military tags and collars.
Love Your Pets
Offers engraved metal or plastic tags. Also has articles about health and safety.
Michigan Lasermark
Selling lasered tags in varied colors and shapes.
Overnight Pet Tags
Provides pet identity tags in various shapes, sizes and colours.
Pawprint Pet Tags
Offers a large range of enamel pet identity tags.
Pet I.D. Tags
Supplies laser engraved anodized aluminum pet ID tags in various shapes, colours and sizes.
Pet ID Short Cut Home
Maker of pet ID tags which use reference numbers and an online system to store a pet's information.
Pet Perfection
Supplies pet identity tags in a range of materials, enamel, aluminium and brass.
Pet Tags 4 Less
Offers tags in colored anodized aluminum, many styles and colors. Fonts and graphics options are available for DOUBLE-sided tags.
Offers color selection drop-box to help match pet's hair and collar.
PetHub digital ID tags link to a free online profile with unlimited data about emergency contacts, medications, microchip / license / rabies tag numbers, etc. plus GPS.
Provide QR identification tags. This can be scanned by a smart phone, to produce more detailed information about the pet, for example medical conditions.
PS Pet Tags
Supplying dog tags for pets. Categories including funny pet id tags, cute dog id tags and medical id tags
Quick Return Tags
Engraved and embossed pet identity tags. Available in stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum.
Rossi Engraving
Supplies pet identity tags in a range of materials, 24k gold plated, aluminum and nickel plated.
Spoilt Rotten Pets
Sells assorted styles, sizes, and colors with name, telephone number, and address. Located in UK.
Tag 'em, Inc.
Offers engraved military-style in stainless or brass.
Tags for Pets.com
Supplies personalized, engraved identity tags for cats and dogs.
Offering tags in stainless steel, brass, aluminum and plastic, and an ID necklace for small animals.
Veripaw Pet ID Tags and Registry allows users to register their Pet ID Tags with their unique number along with their contact, pet, and medical information. It is updated monthly and accessible 24 hours a day.
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