Personal protection and defense items can include stun guns, pepper sprays, mace, and personal alarms. While legal in most of the US, some items are illegal to possess in other countries (e.g. it is illegal for anyone but law enforcement personnel to carry pepper spray or mace for personal protection in Canada, although such products can be permitted there as "animal deterrents").

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Offers knuckle dusters, stun guns, pepper sprays, mace, pocket knives, hunting daggers, and martial arts items.
Bodily Defense
Non-lethal self defense products. Stun guns, pepper sprays.
Specializing in bullet and stab proof vests for both ladies and men. Includes on-line ordering and shipping information.
Close Quarters Defense
Includes tactical knives, tactical gear, weapon enhancements, and training equipment.
Cool Cop
Cooling device which attaches to a vehicle's air conditioner and directs cold air behind bullet proof vests.
O P Tactical Inc.
Includes apparel, protective gear, electronics, weapon painting, and pouches.
Onezerosix Ltd.
Offers personal attack alarms as well as home security devices. Located in the UK.
Self defense weapons including stun guns and audio video recording surveillance equipment.
Safe Girl Security
Sells stylish personal alarms and security gadgets. Located in the UK.
Safety & Security
Gun locks, tasers, cameras and alarm systems. Includes tips for protecting home from burglary and fire.
Secure On Campus
Offers personal alarms, first aid, date rape drug coasters, equipment security, and storage.
Security Equipment Corporation
Offers stun guns, tear gas, pepper spray, and aerosol grenades.
Self defense, surveillance and security equipment for professional and personal use.
Street Defender
Provides personal protection alarms, door sensors, and wireless infrared motion detectors. Includes wholesale information.
Tact Self Defense
Offering a program which includes pain and tolerance conditioning, tactical awareness and combat tactics.
Walk Easy Personal Alarms
Manufacturer and supplier of personal attack alarms and security products. Located in the UK.
Your Safety Store
Includes alarms, pepper spray and whistles.
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