Products designed to assist the Deaf and Hearing impaired. Includes assistive listening devices, infrared/personal amplification systems, audio/FM loop systems, FM amplification systems, TV amplifiers, TV decoders, text telephones, TDDs/TTYs devices, adapted phones, etc.

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Manufactures infrared assistive listening devices, telephone and loop testers, T-switch training aids, and computerized notetaking systems.
US distributor of Ampetronic Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems, designed to provide assistive listening to those with hearing disabilities and others needing a controlled sound environment.
Provides assistive listening devices for hearing impaired individuals.
Audio Enhancement
Providing hearing professionals with ALD equipment, services, and technical assistance.
Lamp-like TV assistive listening device and infection control covers for headphones.
Centrum Sound
Offers assistive listening and hearing assistance systems.
HARC Mercantile Ltd
Offers speciality products for people who are hard of hearing or deaf. Provides free U.S. shipping.
Harris Communications
Offers products for deaf and hard of hearing people, including vibrating alarm clocks, signaling notification systems, amplified telephones, assistive listening systems and sign language materials.
Hear Central
Proposes a wide range of assistive devices for seniors, hard of hearing and deaf persons.
HITEC Group International
Assistive products for the deaf, hearing impaired, blind, and mobility impaired.
Oval Window Audio
North American company producing a full line of induction loop systems.
Shake Awake
Offers a vibrating alarm clock for anyone who has trouble hearing a traditional alarm clock.
SJS Services
Provides specialist equipment for people who are deaf and hard of hearing, including loop systems and paging systems.
Sonic Alert
Manufacturer of assistive listening devices for the deaf and hard of hearing.
Sound Choice Assistive Listening
Full service company specializing in audio solutions for the hearing impaired.
Sound Induction Systems
Design supply and installation of sound systems and induction loop systems for the hearing impaired throughout the UK and abroad. Also conference sound and recording.
Teltex, Inc.
Retailer of TTY/TDD devices for the deaf and the hard of hearing.
TV Ears
Manufactures listening systems for everyone, including people who have a hearing loss.
Manufactures text telephones (TTY), amplified phones and alerting devices for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired.
United TTY Sales and Service
Provides technology for the deaf and hard of hearing, including TTY sales and repair.
Weitbrecht Communications
Offers assistive products for the hard of hearing, deaf or speech impaired, including TTYs, amplified phones and signaling devices.
Williams Sound
Manufactures assistive listening products and commercial sound products.
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