Sites dedicated solely to movie merchandise in general, or to products associated with specific films.

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Big Picture Movie Memorabilia
Offers a variety of original movie posters, lobby cards, buttons, banners and miscellaneous movie theater tie-ins and collectibles for American and foreign movies from the 60s to today.
Reviews, releases, news, guides and forums covering movies, players, recorders, drives, media and software.
Bruce's Monster Memorabilia
Original movie posters, horror, science fiction magazines, and other great items.
Chibi Goji Toys
Entertaining collector shop with a variety of Godzilla toys and merchandise.
Conway's Vintage Autographs & Movie Posters
Sells autographs, movie posters, classic TV collectibles, old comics, and toys.
The Film Cell
Replica props, figurines, and costumes. Titles include Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Pirates of the Caribbean.
Film Cells
Offers collectible film cells from a variety of genres.
Hollywood Collectibles Group
Offers prop replicas, busts, and bobbleheads.
Hollywood Souvenirs
Sells clapboards, standees, and other entertainment collectibles.
Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash
Comics and collectibles featuring Kevin Smith characters. Includes autographed merchandise.
Movie Star Jewelry
Sells replicas of jewelry worn in movies by actresses.
Reel Replicas
Busts, figurines, prop replicas, and accessories.
Spaghetti Western Replicas
Sells gunfighter gear inspired by Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western movies including replicas of the hat, vest, gunbelt and grips used by Clint Eastwood.
Movie and sci-fi memorabilia and merchandise.
Time Machine Collectibles
Autographed photos, vintage movie posters, and autographs.
Vintage Autographed Photos and More
Vintage photos, lobby cards and letters of Hollywood stars, directors, authors and composers.
Walk of Fame Art
Seller of signed and numbered oil and chalk pastel rubbings of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
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