Online stores that specialize in recordings of the music genres normally known as experimental, ambient, or noise. These are quite different styles but the stores which carry one most often carry the others.

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Alien8 Recordings
Canadian record label and mail order shop offers extreme, experimental and avant garde music by artists from around the world.
Label and mailorder for noise, experimental, ambient, and power electronics.
Artist Shop
Music store for artist owned and independent labels. Styles represented include progressive rock, ambient, and electronica.
Aucourant Records
Contemporary ambient, experimental, and computer music CDs by composers from around the world.
Brian Eno Recordings Online
Direct mail order of Brian Eno's ambient music. Rare releases and installation works.
Cheap Thrills Mail Order Music
Canadian record store and mail order company offering mostly avant garde, indie, and experimental CDs.
Drone Records
German music mailorder service offers rare ambient, drone and experimental music titles with an emphasis on vinyl releases.
Farfield Records
UK based label offering ambient and chillout CDs. Includes reviews and audio samples.
Going Underground
German music mailorder service affiliated with the Dark Vinyl label specializes in dark ambient, industrial and experimental.
Gopher's Underground Music Store
Online store and webzine featuring New Age music recordings, with artist profiles.
Groove Unlimited Mail Order
Ambient, Electronic and New Age releases for mail order.
Ground Fault Recordings
CD label for all types of experimental, noise, avant garde, fringe music, plus a mailorder catalog from other labels spanning the globe.
Hypnos Online Store
Hypnos titles and many ambient, atmospheric and electronic CDs for mail-order.
Malignant Records
PDF catalog of CDs, vinyl, cassettes, and shirts.
Myotis Records
Belgium based record label and mail order for industrial, ambient, noise, and experimental music.
New Age Ambient Music
Steve Roach's official site.
Other Music
A music store in New York City.
Experimental, ambient, and noise CDs, LPs, and cassettes. Very affordable independent music. Lowell MA, USA.
UK based label and shop site for the Sargasso label artists.
Norway's only specialist in the gothic, synthpop, ebm and industrial genres.
Label and mailorder for noise, experimental, ambient, and weird.
Music shop selling new and used improvisation, unusual and experimental musics.
Totem Records
Specializing in industrial, ambient, noise, neo folk, black and death metal vinyl and CDs.
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