Stamp collectors, also known as philatelists, may purchase stamps or related items through online or mail auctions.

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AB Philea
Sells Scandinavian and other worldwide issues on monthly basis.
Collectors can buy and sell U.S., European, and other worldwide issues.
Cavendish Auctioneers
Specializes in sales of British Commonwealth and other worldwide issues and lots, plus related literature.
Cherrystone Auctions
New York company specializes in postal history, rarities, and other worldwide issues.
Circuit Club Stamp and Coin Auction
Lists auctions across the globe.
British firm sells postage issues, plus coins and other collectibles.
County Philatelic Auctions
Offers British Commonwealth and other worldwide issues and lots, plus conducts regular sales.
Collectors and dealers buy and sell worldwide issues.
Dennis R. Abel Stamps for Collectors
Offers U.S., UN and other worldwide issues and lots.
Downeast Stamps
Sells U.S. issues and postal history, plus worldwide lots.
George Alevizos
Sells lots including worldwide issues and covers.
H. J. W. Daugherty
Specializes in U.S. BOB issues and covers, plus related paper materials.
Hans Grobe
Specializes in issues and postal history of Germany.
HR Harmer GPN, Inc
Specializes in U.S. postal history and classic issues.
Jace Stamps
Allows collectors to buy and sell postal material and supplies.
Northland Auctions
Deals in Scandinavian, U.S., and other worldwide issues.
Sells mint and used worldwide issues, covers, and lots.
Philatelic Friends
Specializes in South African and Rhodesian issues, postal history, and related material.
Professional dealers sell worldwide issues, including rare stamps. Also offer forums and a newsletter.
Prestige Philately
Offers Australian issues and other worldwide lots.
Raritan Stamps
Offers worldwide issues and postal history with an emphasis on Russian material.
Rasdale Stamp Company
Sells U.S. and worldwide issues and covers.
Regency Stamps
Sells worldwide issues and sports memorabilia.
Robert A. Siegel
Specializes in U.S. classic issues, covers, and lots.
Covers British Commonwealth and other worldwide issues and lots.
Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions
Sells U.S. covers and issues, plus British Commonwealth and other worldwide material.
Southampton Philatelic Auctions
Features issues of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, plus other worldwide material.
Stamp Auction Network
Multiple dealers sell worldwide issues and lots.
Philatelic collection on India and Indian States, India used in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal..
Stamps by Themes
Specializes in French, Hungarian, and North Korean imperforates and other worldwide thematic issues.
Specializes in sales of Polish issues.
Status International
Sells Australian issues and other worldwide lots.
Vance Auctions
Offers Canadian and British Commonwealth issues and other worldwide lots.

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